Published On: Fri, Jan 23rd, 2015

New in Tech!

2015-01-23-12-22-44--2132348096Technology is all around us , we use it in almost every aspect of our lives , being the world’s leading producer of computer software , Microsoft unveiled a new generation of windows experience that will mark a new era of personal computing, it’s Windows 10 , different  than all other windows , a key technology pillar that delivers a single platform across a very wide range of devices with windows 10 version for Smartphone as well ,so if you are doing a task on your PC you can finish it on your phone; word ,excel, outlook and power point will be included with windows 10 for phones and tablets, with the same feel on both PC and phone so you can run windows office from the phone and tablet versions that look very similar to the desktop one.

Windows 10 includes an Xbox app that lets you connect to Xbox live and play games against other Xbox users, it is expected to come out later this year and it will be a free upgrade for users with Windows 7 or later for one year.

Also, it will replace internet explorer with a new browser “the project Spartan” specially designed for windows 10, it’s a cleaner browser with a note taking mode that allows to draw all other pages or add comments with a keyboard then save the results on “OneNote”.

images-2“Spartan” has Cortana built into it, a personal digital assistant who gets to know things about you as you use your PC or phone or whatever device you are using that has windows 10 operating, Cortana can be like a trusted assistant ,it feels little less like technology and a little more like you, Cortana keeps a note book where everything about you is stored ,it collects your details from what you provide on your PC or Smartphone ,like flight schedule, handling phone calls in the quiet times when you don’t feel like answering, it can silence all notifications during your nap, you can ask Cortana to assist you in managing your appointments, calendar ,the  music you prefer, calling and texting, setting an alarm, taking notes and more, all commands can be in verbal voice or through typing.

It’s very smart it can interact with other apps on the phone, it can absorb almost the entire internet, and it can tell jokes!

Another new tech-born from Microsoft  is the giant touch screen TV, the “surface Hub”,84 inches 4 K screen meant for companies, it has images-5cameras, speakers, mics, Bluetooth, touch screen interface for all kinds of meetings via Skype, with the ability to draw on the screen where  work is shared among all members.

On top of all this, Microsoft has gone further and beyond the regular screen, where the digital world is blended with real world, it’s the world of Holograms, new ways to visualize work, share ideas,  teach and learn.

images-3It’s the new Hololens glasses that gives holographic images over the real world using a program called Holostudio, it is a  see through visor that is described as the future of technology, art, and almost everything, it’s all in the glasses which is equipped with sensors to detect the real world and a holographic sound, it intelligently maps the room you’re in and make it the canvas for your holographic projects and games.

As an example, Microsoft has teamed up with NASA to let scientists explore what curiosity sees on Mars, it lit up a room and turned it into Mars through the Hololens, one can walk around as if he’s stepping on that far planet through rocky terrain.

As quoted by Microsoft, when you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see.

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