Published On: Mon, Aug 17th, 2015

Space Platform Curaçao

SPC groupWILLEMSTAD - It is rare for a small island like Curaçao to be at the forefront of a multi-trillion dollar industry. The establishment of a commercial space industry on our island will bring numerous opportunities for the further development and growth of our community. This groundbreaking industry will reshape not only Curaçao, but the world as we know it, and take us to unknown destinations. Space Platform Curaçao (SPC), with its bridge building role, will strive to facilitate stakeholders in their quest to assure a positive future for Curaçao.


XCOR is the American company developing the Lynx spacecraft, which is the craft that will ultimately operate from Curaçao. Despite the many breakthroughs by the XCOR engineering team, many are still sceptical towards the timeframe in which the project will be materialized.  In reality, however, it is highly likely to see the Lynx take off from Curaçao sooner than later.

The biggest challenges, however, might not lie with the technical aspect of the project, rather than with the restructuring of local laws and infrastructure. This process is taking time, namely because the wheel has to be invented in almost every stage of the establishment process.

Why Curaçao?

The initial decision by XCOR  to have commercial space flights from Curaçao was based on a couple of factors. Firstly, our climate and the low hurricane risks make for optimal conditions guarantee a certain level of continuity of space flights. Secondly, the island is close to the equator where it takes less energy to get to space Thirdly, Curaçao has a large airspace (Flight Information Region). Furthermore, Curaçao has an established tourism industry and a well-developed legal system.

Although the above-mentioned factors were determinant for XCOR’s initial interest in Curaçao, is has become clear that these advantages alone might not be enough to keep the project on our island, especially with competition lurking from neighbouring islands. To ensure that the space industry project remains on Curaçao, we need to speed up the developments of space law, create space facilities and reorganize infrastructure in order to develop this new emerging global industry.

Lack of Information &  a Competitive Marketplace

The major obstacle is that most people on Curaçao are poorly informed about the project's feasibility, its profitability, its technical readiness and its positive impact for citizens. This phenomenon is evident in all levels of our community. This has been one of the reasons why communications between stakeholders aren’t always flowing smoothly. This in turn has led to an attitude of skepticism and disbelief within the community. Other countries such as Dubai, Switzerland and Puerto Rico are aiming to pull XCOR to their markets by offering lucrative incentives such as tax breaks and modern facilities. To adequately compete in a competitive global economy and the space industry, it is essential for developmental processes to speed up.

Space Platform Curaçao

The Space Platform Curaçao has been established to facilitate and support stakeholders and give the push needed in order to secure a commercial space industry here on the island.  SPC is a multidisciplinary, non-profit organization that will facilitate in the realization and sustaining of the space travel on Curaçao. The primary aim is to build bridges that will facilitate and open new lines of communication between government, businesses and the citizens of Curaçao.

We aim to bring stakeholders closer together and to keep the public informed about the developments in the commercial space industry. Anyone wanting more information about the commercial space developments on Curaçao Please visit our Facebook and website. We are also planning informative events, seminars and Q&A’s in the near future, the dates of which will be posted on the website.  Space Platform Curaçao is also looking for volunteer who believe in realizing commercial space travel from Curaçao.

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