Published On: Mon, Jun 27th, 2016

WhatsApp versus Line

wa_lineWhatsApp and Line are two messaging apps that have grown in popularity over the years. WhatsApp was launched back in 2009 and in 2014 it was bought by Facebook. Line, on the other hand, was launched in 2011 and it has been evolving over the years.

So, how do these two apps differ? Which one has better features? Let us have a look at these:

With over 900 million subscribers from all over the world, WhatsApp displays a major popularity compared to Line, which has 200 million users. This makes WhatsApp the better option of the two as you have better chances to make free calls to your friends.

Line supports both video and voice calls and the VoIP service is available over lots of devices, which include BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and PCs. WhatsApp, on the other hand, supports only voice calls. However, this feature on WhatsApp is faced by issues such as echoes and transmission delays. Hopefully this will be fixed with time. Another issue is that WhatsApp allows voice calls only for android users.

Further, as much as these apps allow free voice calls to users using the same app, with Line you can make voice calls and video calls to landlines. This allows to make calls abroad both landline and cellular at cheaper rates. Further, the data charges during voice calls are higher when using WhatsApp compared to Line. There are some countries that have blocked WhatsApp calling but not Line calling.

The two apps allow you to send texts and make calls without any extra communication charges. However, as much as WhatsApp is for free, after a year of use you will be required to pay 99 cents annually. The good thing with Line is that it has no restrictions and it is free for life.

The two apps allow for group communication, with WhatsApp allowing for 256 group member while Line allows for 200 members. However, group management options in Line are better compared to those of WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp and Line, you can share various files such as images, music, voice recordings and videos. However, WhatsApp has a size limit of 16MB while Line supports sharing files of up to 1GB.

The fact that both WhatsApp and Line do their member registration via the phone number might pose an issue as far as privacy is concerned with this in mind, Line stepped up and they offer their users the option of registering via their Facebook accounts. This privacy issue is something that WhatsApp is yet to step up on and hopefully this will be done as soon as possible.

While WhatsApp is limited to texting, with quite a number of impressive emojis, and voice calls, Line has much more to offer. The stickers available in Line are more updated. They show more real images and they offer a more real way of displaying emotions unlike WhatsApp. They have a timeline just like that of Facebook, an offering to add friends, news alerts, coupons, video snapping and many more features. With Line, the friends are defined beyond your contact list. To add friends, you can shake your phone while they shake theirs at a close range, adding each other. Another way of adding friends on Line is by scanning their QR code.

The WhatsApp interface is friendlier and more intuitive. This is one of the things that have made this messaging platform quite popular over time. The three main features are clearly displayed in three tabs: contacts, chats and calls, for a convenient use. The WhatsApp icon also comes in a solid green color. Line, on the other hand, has lots of impressive icons, which are displayed in four tabs. Also, Line places an emphasis on icons rather than on text labels. The problem is that these icons are too crowded and not friendly for new users.

Clearly, Line has a better edge compared to WhatsApp, displaying more features and being better at the shared features. However, WhatsApp has greater popularity with more than five times users compared to Line. This is something that Line cannot compete with. The popularity of WhatsApp keeps drawing more and more users over time. It is worth noting that Line has greater future prospects that WhatsApp. This may change if WhatsApp adds more functionality to its app.

By Mitch Carson

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