Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2016

8 ways to enjoy the Caribbean like a local

dominoesFrom the strange and creepy to the strikingly unique, there are certain things in the Caribbean you just have to experience to believe them.

Be it the Spice Island of Grenada that has more spices than population; to Jamaica with its 120 cool rivers, you can’t help but be intoxicated by the curious and bizarre things the islands have to offer.

Check out these and experience the Caribbean like a local:

1. Roasted Breadfruit – best picked fresh off the tree, relieved of its centre core, stuffed with corned beef and thrown directly into the fire until suitably blackened. Once cooled, it’s then cracked open and served to friends on the beach. Exquisite.

2. “Pot fish” – coastal reef fish that are snared in hand crafted “fish pots” (traps) set by local fishermen on the day prior. These Chubs, Grunts and Goggle Eyes make for an easy beach barbeque meal that’s very tasty.

3. “Sea Cat” – a small octopus and a popular delicacy in almost every Caribbean fishing village. Pried from its lair with a device known as a “grain”, fried sea cat with lemon totally rocks. (A “grain” is a spear-like weapon that, in the hands of an expert, can snare several octopi in one morning’s low tide.) It’s Caribbean calamari!

4. Rum Shops – if you want to experience life as a local, check out a village rum shop. Deeply seeped with community culture and a bit (ok, a lot) of rum to wash it down, it’s the place to meet new friends and absorb the local gossip.

5. Sunsets – Besides miles of white sand beaches, scorching equatorial rays and shallow azure waters, the Caribbean is also renowned for its remarkable sunsets. Look for the fabled “green flash” just before the last part of the sun disappears from view on the horizon. Some say it brings the viewer extreme good luck if he or she catches a glimpse.

6. Conch – Not just any old sea snail, this escargot of the seas is a delicacy beyond any other. Pronounced “kȯŋk” NOT “kȯŋch” you’ve got to try this charming crustacean pickled – nothing better. And you can blow a charming horn from its empty shell.

7. Dominoes – played in the village shop and accompanied by a bottle of your favourite brown rum, a domino game can go on well into the night and sustains volumes a dance hall would be proud of.

8. Cow Heel Soup – Far more delicious than its name suggests, Cow Heel soup is a one-pot preparation of goodness. Perhaps not for everyone, but still, it works perfectly on those cold wintery nights when you’re looking for a “big up” from the Caribbean.

Enjoy, mon!

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