Published On: Mon, Feb 9th, 2015

CHATA continues to grow in membership

More hotels, More Apartments, More Restaurants 200 members and counting.

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - CHATA opened up the year with great membership results. During the last few weeks CHATA welcomed a variety of new members to its Association.

“We are growing, says Ms. Lizanne Dindial, CEO of CHATA. The island of Curacao finally understands the importance of the Tourism industry; it represents the sector with the largest employment opportunities, but also the sector with the potential to grow. I am thrilled to see different private sector entities joining CHATA; it is proof that they believe in our strategy and vision. Our goal for 2015 is to change the game full force ahead, with all partners in our industry.

In 2015 members can expect much more from CHATA. With the recent restructuring of the association, CHATA transformed itself into a lean and mean marketing machine. DATA will be one of the key factors on how we evaluate the performance of our industry. This is why CHATA launched for its members where all relevant industry performance indicators are presented.

Another new approach by CHATA in 2015 is the fact that the Restaurant Task Force will be introduced. CHATA’s aim is to represent the restaurant industry by fostering partnership amongst existing restaurant partners, but also develop programs such as “Dine around Program” etc. for the restaurant business.

Our Small Accommodations are also of importance for CHATA. The global trend is that visitors are looking for Apartments and Villas when choosing for a place to stay, and CHATA firmly believes that it is important to be able to offer our visitors this product. According to CHATA it is important to align the small accommodation sector and continue to invite our Apartments/Villas to join the movement. Furthermore CHATA will continue to organize committee meetings for each market, member meetings, and educational seminars and provide daily updates to its members on everything tourism related.

Approximately 200 active members shape up the Curacao Hospitality & Tourism Association. CHATA can proudly count on the support of the majority of Hotels, Apartments, Attractions, Airlines, Dive Schools, Taxi Associations, DMC’s, Tour Operators, Airport, Restaurants, Car Rentals, and many more.

With the growth in our membership, we compliment our vision to be the true representative of the private hospitality & Tourism sector. Economic growth is our priority for 2015, with the support and input of our members and partners.

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