Published On: Fri, Dec 22nd, 2017

CTB: November visitor arrivals & visitor nights 2017

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WILLEMSTAD - The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting growth in visitor arrivals from key focus markets. Stayover visitors from The Netherlands, United States of America, Canada, Brazil and Colombia performed well in November 2017. The overall November performance is slightly down by 2% despite the positive performance of key focus markets. Precisely, in total 664 fewer visitors were registered in November 2017, bringing the total count to 33.723 visitors against 34.387 in the same month last year. The fall in arrivals is due to the fact that arrivals from Venezuela and Germany are affecting our overall arrivals performance. The total arrivals from Venezuela are down by 19% in November, while from Germany we recorded a decrease of 29% visitors in November. In absolute numbers these decreases are respectively 561 and 701 fewer arrivals from Venezuela and Germany.

Out of the region North America, we saw a repeated double digit growth of 16% visitors in November 2017. In total 6.610 North American visitors are registered. North Americans also represent 16% of the total visitors in November this year. 5.374 US visitors are registered in November, recording 16% growth compared to last year. A deep dive in the US performance shows us that the gateway Miami grew by 14% in November, while we recorded 30% growth from the gateway in New York.

Canada also grew with double digit figures, recording 19% in November 2017. In total Curaçao welcomed 1.236 Canadian visitors in November 2017. November is also the start of the peak season from Canada.

The European region recorded a decrease of slightly 1% in November, counting a total of 17.432 Europeans to Curaçao. Last year we welcomed 17.687 European visitors. The market share in arrivals from Europe is currently 52%. The Netherlands recorded a slightly 2% increase in November 2017, in absolute numbers 218 more Dutch visitors. From Germany we recorded 29% decrease in November 2017. A total of 1.680 German visitors were welcomed this year. The loss of air connectivity from Dusseldorf is currently affecting the potential number of visitors from Germany.

We welcomed less South Americans, a total of 6.115 stayover visitors are registered. This fall is due to the continuing drop in stayover arrivals from Venezuela, with 19% less stayover visitors compared to last year. In November we welcomed 2.331 stayover visitors from Venezuela. Arrivals from Brazil and Colombia performed well compared to last year. We registered an increase of 13% to a total of 813 stayover visitors from Brazil. Colombia recorded a growth of 24% in November 2017. In absolute numbers the month counted 1.484 stayover arrivals from Colombia.

Even though November registered less stayover arrivals, we registered a slight increase of 1% in visitor nights. A total of 280.314 visitor nights were counted compared to 278.530 last year. The North American region recorded 21% more visitor nights in November. Both USA and Canada recorded positive numbers; respectively 19% and 30% more visitor nights. Visitors from the North American region booked in total 42.667 nights in Curaçao in November 2017. From Europe a slightly 3% decrease is recorded, where from the Netherlands 1% decrease is registered. In total visitors from Holland spent 137.265 nights in Curaçao.

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