Published On: Mon, Oct 31st, 2016

Culture week starts with festivities in Otrabanda

culture-weekWILLEMSTAD - The Siman di Kultura (Culture week) has started yesterday. The culture celebrations were inaugurated at the Brionplein in Otrabanda. This entire will be dedicated to the Curaçao culture.

There will be festivities all over the island, especially in schools. It is important for the youth to appreciate the culture.

While the island has strong ties with Holland, it is more African and cosmopolitan, more Caribbean, in its culture than many. The society has strong ties to its African memories through language, music, and dance.

One of Curaçao's strongest manifestations of its African past is "tambu", an ancient form of music and dance. Slaves carried the traditional, rhythmic structure of the form from Africa and passed it along, by ear, from generation to generation. Drumming is the foundation of tambu, and the first instruments used by slaves in Curaçao were farm implements. Later they converted small, hollow cargo containers covered with dried goatslun into drums.

Along with African-based dances, Curaçaons have adapted the European music and dances of the colonials and made them their own. The French quadrille, waltzes, and polkas have embraced the syncretic jolt from Africa and are now performed with a rhythm that Peter Stuyvesant would never recognize.

Enjoy Curaçao’s culture

Photo credit: Extra

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