Published On: Mon, Dec 18th, 2017

Curaçao Dive Task Force, leaders in sustainable dive tourism

East-Point_0WILLEMSTAD - Every year, over the course of four days, The Dive Equipment Marketing Association (DEMA) gives dive professionals the opportunity to network, market their services, and grow their businesses. The real magic in the event, however, comes from a different source. Anyone who has been attending DEMA over the years will tell you it’s one of their favorite times to meet up with old friends, swap stories, and enjoy the sport which brought them all together in the first place.

As soon as we heard there were stories to be told and people to meet, we had to be there. So, this year we traveled from Indiana down to Orlando, Florida to get in on the action. We ran around the convention center for all four days and still didn’t see everything. We sure tried though! During one of those marathon laps, we came across a couple of wonderful ladies who have all kinds of reasons why people should choose Curacao for their next dive destination. Not only that, but what really struck us was how much they care about Curacao, the sport of diving, and the ocean.

As it turns out, we were speaking with the two members of the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) and representing the Curacao Dive Task Force (CDTF)!  The CDTF leads the way in education of divers, policy makers, and the general public for a responsible and sustainable Curacao. Their partnership with the Project AWARE Foundation and their "Adopt a Dive Site" initiative is helping Curacao stay at the top of the list for pristine dive travel and unmatched underwater beauty.

The CDTF has adopted 11 dive sites so far and continues to grow. With each new site that gets adopted, more information about the types of marine debris and its effect on ocean life in the area is collected and sent to Project AWARE. This information is then used in further conservation efforts. Project Aware supports these dive centers to monitor and continue their work along with sharing the good news with the dive community.  Join an event the next time you are on Curaçao to make a difference, one dive at a time!

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