Published On: Mon, Mar 30th, 2015

Curaçao: First-time visitor falls for this Caribbean charmer

KnipBeautiful, breezy, and surrounded by crystal blue-green water and near-non-stop sunshine, Curaçao -- the largest of the so-called "ABC" islands located off the coast of Venezuela -- has the type of low-key charm that can make a first-time visitor a big-time fan.

Here, you'll find no vendors haggling with you on the beach; no massive hordes of tourists lined up outside restaurants -- just non-stop relaxation and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. While Curaçao (pronounced "kewr-e-sow") keeps a lower profile than its smaller, but more densely populated, neighboring island of Aruba (Bonaire rounds out the ABC Islands' tropical trilogy), it's a vacation spot that can win you over pretty effortlessly.

Between its welcoming natives -- who speak ... to read the entire article click here

By Nicole Pensiero

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