Published On: Sat, Jan 31st, 2015

Curaçao is Chicago Tribune’s one of four romantic getaways, not just for Valentine’s Day

Curacao beachWILLEMSTAD – For Terri Colby of the Chicago Tribune, Curaçao is definitely one of the four romantic getaways and not just for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to be romantic anyways. Any time of the year will do, especially now that it is so cold up north.

Colby describes Curaçao as an island with terrific beaches, predictably hot temperatures and a mix of histories and cultures.

“Curacao became a distinct country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2010 and retains much of its Dutch flavor. Dutch and English are official languages, but the most widely spoken is Papiamentu, a Portuguese creole. Partly European and partly African, people from more than 50 nationalities live on this 170-square-mile island. This mix of cultures is seen in the food and architecture, with Willemstad's pastel buildings an iconic and familiar image in the capital.”

Colby clearly understands why Curaçao is so popular with the scuba divers and beach lovers. The tropical savanna climate and a dry season that lasts nine months of the year is definitely one of the reasons.

Curaçao is a truly a great place to visit.

The other three destinations, chosen by the Chicago Tribune, are the Seychelles, Dominican Republic and Yelapa, Mexico.

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