Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2013

Curaçao Tourist Board Europe Successful campaign „Dushi Curaçao“ raises awareness of German Facebook users significantly

Bon yu di KorsouWith "Dushi Curacao" the Curaçao Tourist Board Europe has conducted a successful cross-media promotion campaign for the German market. The Facebook application "Dushi Curacao" made ​​the users not only familiar with facts about the destination Curaçao, but also offered the chance to win a dream trip.

The three-week campaign took place during the broadcast period of the German TV talent show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (German idol), whose current season was filmed in Curaçao. In the wake of increased media exposure of the destination during the broadcast, the Facebook campaign in particular achieved an increase in the German-speaking fan base and increased the rate of interaction. Germany is an important growth market for the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Already last year the number of German visitors compared to 2011 more than doubled. The CTBE continues to work specifically on increasing the awareness in Germany.

"Dushi Curacao" deliberately set up a transfer of knowledge and information: The users of the Facebook application could explore the island with the help of an interactive map and had to manage on their way several multiple-choice questions about the destination, but also repeatedly received insider knowledge about the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” locations. The title of the application itself was intriguing: "Dushi" in Curacao means sweet, nice or just great. The people speak of "Dushi Curacao", when it comes to their home. The campaign was supported by collaborations with target-specific online media, in particular aiming to curious “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” viewers, as well as by targeted Facebook seeding.

The results are more than satisfactory: The increased attention for Curacao in the German audience is evident in more than 6,000 new German Likers for the Facebook presence (the total increase during the three-week campaign is about 10,000 new Likers), and a corresponding proportional increased interaction rate in the community. The reach under German Facebook users could be increased tenfold during the campaign and even reached peaks of over 70,000 contacts.

The campaign of the Curaçao Tourist Board Europe was designed and controlled by Berlin-based agency Zucker. Kommunikation.

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