Published On: Wed, May 7th, 2014

Eco & Environment: ACOYA’s drainage system and natural lake

Helping the environment and people; ACOYA is committed to helping the environment and people in its local community.

P1010635WILLEMSTAD - One of the glories of ACOYA, in addition to the high quality of construction, is the beautiful natural lake. This unique inland lake on Curaçao means ACOYA is built on a very attractive surface, where plants easily grow in the fertile soil and where you can enjoy the beautiful birds that love to visit this area. Living in this tropical paradise requires proper water management, meaning an innovative drainage system.

The rain that falls on the resort will be directed through the streets and several closed rainwater drainage systems to the lake. This water flows through various drains into the lake, right before it is purified with a natural filter. This is important to maintain the condition of the lake and in order to prevent erosion. Not only ACOYA takes advantages of this sophisticated drainage system, but the surrounding as well, since the rainwater of the whole area will be processed.

The lake is equipped with an overflow system. This means that the water level can be regulated in phases. When the water level rises, the overflow system will be opened to drain redundant water. Through this system, we are able to anticipate bad weather. When a tropical storm is coming, we will fully open the overflow system and take care of the large amount of water.

This intelligent design of the drainage system has proven its services during the years. Also with heavy rain and tropical storms ACOYA did not suffer from flooding. So the guests are guaranteed safe and dry while enjoying this special area of the beautiful island of Curacao!

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