Published On: Mon, Nov 18th, 2013

L’Aldea Family Business Comes Back Together

L'Aldea Steakhouse

L'Aldea Steakhouse

As of December 1st, 2013, the Rodrigues Family, will take back the management of L’Aldea Steakhouse, consolidating its growth and market position.  L’Aldea, a project that began as a wild dream of one man 7 years ago, first opened its doors in 2010, with the opening of L’Aldea Brazilian Steakhouse and L’Aldea Gift Shop. In 2011 the L’Aldea Tour, best known as Amazonia, also opened its doors.  Other amenities have been added to the park since then, as L’Aldea Plaza Inca and Dr. Fish Spa.

In the next couple of months, L’Aldea, will be taking important qualitative step towards consolidating its tourism mission and dream.  “Our ambition is to become a product leader and provide an amazing experience to locals and tourists”, says Mr. Rodrigues.  “After making substantial investments at L’Aldea, we have found the perfect link to our mission.  With the take-back of the Steakhouse, we will be able to distinguish ourselves in the market with the new additions coming up in the next couple of months.”

The most important reason for the take-back decision is continuity and further growth.  The Rodrigues family is very thankful for the work done so far by Hubert Solagnier, who operated the steakhouse for three years.  “But it is time for the family to take back the project and bring the entire park to a higher level.” Mr. Rodrigues added “Due to the uniqueness of our hospitality product, we see excellent opportunities to expand our position in the tourism industry.”

About L’Aldea Steakhouse  L’Aldea Steakhouse in Sta. Catharina, Curaçao, has been known is an “All-you-can-eat” dining experience like no other, offering a fixed-price dining concept known as “Rodizio”.  Service features continuous table-side carving service of an 18 selected cuts of beef, pork, poultry and lamb.  Included in the dining experience is the one-of-a-kind salad bar which features in-house baked breads, imported cheeses and a vast selection of greens, vegetables and seafood.   For reservations and information visit

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