Published On: Mon, Sep 24th, 2012

More South Americans, less Dutch

WILLEMSTAD - Tourism has increased in July by 8 percent compared with July 2011, says Curaçao Tourist Board. Especially tourists from South America are on the increase on our island. Dutch, but also North Americans have shown less interest in Curacao.

35,732 tourists brought in July a holiday or weekend on our island. A large part of them, 10,501 came from South America. Especially tourists from Venezuela knew how to find our island: 6857 Venezuelans made the crossing to Curacao, this is 74 percent more than last year. Most of them have made the trip at a travel agency in Venezuela itself. The tourists came mainly from Zulia, Carabobo, Miranda, Lara and Aragua.

Europe and North America
Tourists from Europe were less interested in Curacao this summer. In total, tourism rose by 1 percent and Dutch tourism even took down 3 percent in July. The German market increased by 85 percent. The tourists from the United States and Canada showed less interest in Curacao. The number of tourists from these countries declined by 10 percent.

Cruise Tourism
Cruise tourism increased quite considerably. Eight cruise ships sailed in July the Curaçao harbor with a total of 12,715 passengers. This is an increase of 67 percent compared to last year.

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