Published On: Fri, Jan 22nd, 2016

Preliminary figures tourism arrival November and December

hotelsWILLEMSTAD - November. Visitor statistics gathered by the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) show that 42.480 stay over visitors were welcomed in November 2015. The stay over arrival figures registered a slight decrease of y 1% fewer visitors than the arrival figures recorded in November 2014. In November 2014 CTB recorded a total 42.973 visitors; a difference of 493 visitors.

Despite the overall decrease in visitor arrivals, we see a great performance from the European, North American and Caribbean regions. Stay over arrivals from Europe increased by 10% with a total of 17.438 tourists. From this region the CTB registered 9% growth from the Netherlands with a total of 12.723 tourists. Germany also booked positive figures with a total of 2.256 visitors which represents a 17% increase compared to the November 2014 statistics.

The North American region increased recording a double digit growth of 18%. From the United States of America a total of 4.889 tourists were counted representing a 19% growth compared to the previous year. From Canada the CTB records a great start of the high season. The statistics show 17% growth with 1.394 visitors in November 2015.

Stay over visitors to Curaçao from the Caribbean region increased by 7% in November 2015. A total of 3.052 visitors were registered. From Aruba we noticed a decrease of 12%. The number of arrivals from Aruba is counted at 1.336 in November 2015. Trinidad & Tobago registered 701 arrivals, a total of 42% which influenced the total arrivals of the Caribbean region into positive growth.

Venezuela recorded 14% decrease in November 2015. Although overall traffic from Venezuela decreased, the CTB could still register 10.822 Venezuelan stay over arrivals. The elimination of the Colombian visa also made a positive contribution to growth. There were1.164 Colombian visitors in November 2015.

December. The last month of the year 2015 closed positively recording 5% increase in stay over arrivals with a total of 46.684 being recorded. Although the South American region is the only region recording a decrease, other regions were able to book positive numbers for the tourism industry. South America’s negative performance is affected by the current situation in Venezuela; however Venezuelans still have a 20% share of all arrivals in December. A total of 9.468 Venezuelans are reported, while in December 2014 a total of 10.365 Venezuelans were counted. Colombia is delivering well with a total of 1.882 in December 2015. This is good for a 24% growth.

From North America there has been a 16% increase. A record total of 8.865 visitors are counted, of which 6.344 visitors resided in the United States of America. The JetBlue service has now been operating for a full year and showing us positive numbers from the New York State. Additionally the new American Airlines flight from Charlotte also contributed to the positive performance from the USA. CTB counted a total of 2.521 Canadians in December 2015. This represents a 28% increase.

December always delivers good results from Europe. In December 2015 the CTB counted a recorded total of 19.195 Europeans. This is a 9% increase compared to December 2014, when 17.582 Europeans were counted. A total of 14.426 Dutch residents visited Curaçao in December, which is 31% of all visitors recorded in December 2015. Additional flights with TUI and KLM are main contributors to the increase from the Netherlands and the CTB is satisfied with the marketing partnership with both carriers.

Traffic from the Caribbean region booked double digit growth with a 22% increase. A total of 3.065 stay over visitors were counted from our neighbor islands. 1.531 arrivals from Aruba are on the books for December. This represents a 16% increase compared to the December 2014 arrivals.


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