Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2016

Spending the Holiday season in Curaçao

1504178_595354803868189_1426866200_oSpending the holiday season in the Caribbean is a whole other experience. It doesn’t snow it won’t get cold and Santa doesn’t climb down your chimney. nevertheless spending your holidays in the Caribbean will be an experience worth while. A visit to the Caribbean is always a good thing, but a Caribbean Christmas is the best time of all. The most important thing a wanderlust in the Caribbean holiday season needs to know is what and how we celebrate.

Christmas season officially starts in Curaçao when we hit mid- November, it's all about the music, the spirit and gatherings. every other weekend you will find at the side of the street “Tambú” gatherings. “Tambú” is a traditional holiday season music that contains rather controversial lyrics sometimes stating how the year went by. Early December there’s the “Koop-avond” night where stores in the city stay open every Thursday till 9, where people can shop, gather and have a good time shopping while enjoying festive music and food.

St. Nicolas Day Dec 5 Or Sinterklaas

Children carefully set out their shoes on the eve, filled with grass for St. Nic`s horse. Those who have been good, receive a gift, those who haven`t are afraid a “Zwarte Piet” will carry them back to Spain in a Sack. Local schools participate fully in the festivities look for jeeps full of Piets in black face driving around residential areas throughout the week. It may surprise you to see local businesses decorated with caricatures of black face Piet.

Christmas eve Dec 24

Christmas eve is the time where families usually gather (allot of workers get a half day off or stop working at 3) if they still haven't decorated the Christmas tree parents and children do so and follow along with a Christmas eve dinner or party. It's a time families reflect together and prepare for Christmas day.

Christmas day Dec 25

Christmas day is a big celebration where the main focus is food. families wake up early in the morning and start preparing the Christmas dinner. Around 9 families goes to church to thank god for the birth of our saviour. After this, they proceed visiting family members in the neighbourhood to spread the blessings and remind them about Christmas dinner. After Christmas dinner, they proceed opening gifts and to spend time together.

New Year’s Day Jan 1

After the year ends with a big bang, the first day of the New Year is traditionally a time for family gatherings. (Stores are closed). For several days the streets are littered with the red paper wrappings of thousands of firecrackers.

Fuik Day Or Fuik Dag

Is a Curaçao’s yearly recurring boat party in Fuik Bay on the first Sunday of the year with boats, booze and DJ’s.

Since 2011 big DJ’s like Chuckie, Afrojack and others have played there, but who’s coming this year… On the first Sunday of the year (or the second if it’s bad timing) everything that floats comes to Fuik Bay for one big party on the water. Bring your inflatables and lots of booze because this is one big BYOB party on the water.

Now that you have a feel of what to expect ask Santa this year for the gift of a Caribbean Christmas. It’s easy to wrap, fits under any tree and comes with a lifetime of memories.

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