Published On: Mon, Oct 29th, 2018

Tugboat, Curaçao – November Dive Site of the Month!

Tugboat ADS1WILLEMSTAD - Named for the - you guessed it - tugboat that sank in 5 meters (15ft) of water after the ship it was towing dropped anchor through its deck.  It is located in a small sand and pebble bay, just a few yards offshore in the within the larger protected bay of Caracasbaai (Caracas Bay), this site is perfect for divers as well as snorkelers because it covers almost all of the best parts of recreational diving in one dive site.  The shallow tug boat copywater entry with broad expanses of sand makes it a perfect training environment. A short swim to the sloping drop-off gives divers a chance to find frogfish and sea-horses, before heading out to the walls that eventually lead to Directors' Bay. Scorpionfish are everywhere in the nooks and crannies before you turn around, shallow up through a lush coral garden and inspect the wreck of the tugboat. the tug itself is small, but full of fish and makes for IMG_8259great photographs. The fallen anchor is not far away, and a great end to the dive is under the pier where large ships moor for repairs. There's always something interesting hanging out in the shadows (and more photo opportunities), and divers often find themselves getting closely inspected by squid in the shallow water.  
In addition to being an amazing and popular Curacao site for scuba diving and snorkeling, Tugboat is also a Project AWARE "Adopt A Dive Site" which is one of now fourteen sites now adopted on Curaçao by the Curacao - CHATA Dive Task Force.  According to Project AWARE, "The community of Curacao are true leaders in the fight to protect what we love.  Together dive centres on the island have united to protect their local dive sites from the onslaught of trash.  They realise that conservation cannot be done in isolation – it takes the collaborative efforts of all to really make change."
"Our island's subaquatic life is one of the many things that sets our island apart from the others in the Caribbean. So, it is of immense importance that we all work together as a sustainable community to conserve our ocean. The commitment of the Dive Task Force to the Dive IMG_6146Against Debris and Adopt a Dive Site Initiative is the first step for sustaining and spreading awareness of our island's ocean life. With the assistance and teamwork of the entire community I am certain that we can make this initiative bigger, create a sustainable change and provide the upcoming generation a healthier ecological marine life."  CHATA President and CEO, Mr. Miles Mercera
If you're a certified diver, help protect the future of Curacao's sea by joining one of the CHATA Dive Task Force members for a free monthly Dive Against Debris™ clean-up here on Curaçao to collect/remove marine debris and report important data.  Together, we are making a difference one dive at a time.  Let's enjoy our coral reefs but let's protect them for future generations!

Dive right in and discover Curaçao – it is a #1 Caribbean Diving Destination where conservation meets adventure!

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 Photo's courtesy of Dive Curacao, taken by Turtle and Ray Productions HD

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