Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2012

I want a Valentino Clutch for Father’s day…

The rise of the (man+purse= MURSE) part 1
By: CharlesJay

From bracelets, to necklaces, from scarves and t-shirts, unisexing accessories are not an out of this world secret. Yet for some, picturing your boyfriend or father rocking a medium size ostrich leather Prada man purse raises eyebrows. Once upon a time, most men wouldn't be caught dead carrying a handbag or man purse. But now every other hairy arm is clutching a tote or a fancy shopper. What turned the world on to the man-bag?

This trend has been brewing amongst stylish male celebrities and has been spotted for several seasons on the catwalks in Milan and Paris. A big part of the problem with man-bags is the term and the immediate association with femininity, although it is better than calling it a man purse.

At the 2006 Academy awards, Terrence Howard was photographed with a black crocodile envelope clutch. It surprised the majority at the time but according to the fashion editors, this was the moment when the man-bag took over backpacks and briefcases and got to be the “ new normal”.

Every day dapper men have become overnight style stars thanks to street-style bloggers, which have brought man-bags into the bright spotlight. Man-bags have definitely become more popular, and men carrying luxury bags has become more socially acceptable. Top handbag designer Mulberry reports a 64% increase in sales of men's accessories this year compared with last year, helped by the number of celebrities, including Jared Leto, Kanye West, Tom Hanks and Mick Jagger grasping Mulberry bags.

But an accessory that just a few years ago may have called a man’s masculinity into question is now all over runway from Burberry to Valentino in different shapes and sizes. And with iPads, Kindles, car keys, wallet and hand sanitizers to carry, a good man-bag is quickly becoming the fashion necessity. Cuz hey, guys need something to carry their shit around in too.

The rise of the (man+purse= MURSE) part 2
Coming soon: How to choose your manbag?

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