Published On: Mon, Nov 26th, 2012

4+3=7 Daily flights between Curacao and Suriname only with DAE

WILLEMSTAD – Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) was full of joy when it received a letter from Minister Falisie J. Pinas of Transport, Communication and Tourism of the Republic of Suriname notifying the aviation company that the requested three additional flights on top of the four already granted by Curacao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) was granted and approved with immediate effect.

This means that DAE would operate as originally advertised daily frequency between Curacao and Suriname. This would allow tourist, business travelers and the general public to have an airline that flies daily between the two countries. This will also give the travel public from Suriname to have daily connections through DAE Hub in Curacao to destinations like Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo, Bonaire, Aruba, Sint Maarten and Miami. As the DAE Hub expands so will the opportunities for Suriname to connect to other destinations.

This has been possible because of the immense and unconditional support from the Government of Suriname, especially the President of the Republic, His Excellency Desi Bouterse and His Excellencies Ministers Falisie Pinas and Minister Winston Lackin. The cooperation of Mr. Gerard Brunings, special advisor to the President on aviation affairs, who embraced this project as one of his own, was also important for DAE’s success. It is also appropriate to mention the cooperation received by the Prime Minister of Curacao Mr. Stanley Betrian and the Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning, Mrs. Dominque Adriaens for their swift handling of the necessary documents.

The welcome DAE received in Suriname was overwhelming. Travelers, media and the general public have been very receptive and enthusiastic about the new daily flights at convenient hours with connections to other DAE destinations.

“Starting today we will have a very broad marketing campaign to introduce DAE services. Tour packages are going to be promoted in all the countries connecting to Suriname through DAE’s flights. A special promotion will be forthcoming in the very aggressive DAE style so new and undecided travel public and first time travelers can travel with DAE,” Nelson Ramiz declared.

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