Published On: Wed, May 9th, 2018

Boeing and Airbus seek to impose the future of aviation

boeingBoeing has made orders for the manufacture of 221 aircraft, excluding 34 cancellations, compared to 45 net orders from rival Airbus, which suffered 23 cancellations in the first quarter of the year, according to data provided by both manufacturers.

This is a much higher number of net orders for Airbus, which last year had its lowest figure since the first quarter of 2008. From January to March 2017, the European consortium had six net orders, so this year has multiplied nearly eight times that figure.

Airbus' worldwide portfolio of non-delivering firm aircraft orders amounted to 7,189 aircraft as at 31 March, of which 6,083 are part of the A320 family, 695 are A350, 303 are A330 and 108 are A380. If executive jets are included, the total portfolio amounts to 18,236.

For its part, the US manufacturer has a total of 5,901 orders pending at the end of the first quarter. Of these, 4,707 are part of the 737 family; 24, of 747; 101, 767, 421, 777; and 648 of the 787.

From January to March, Airbus' 45 net orders totaled $ 10.22 billion (€ 8,441 million) at average market prices, while Boeing recorded 221 net orders worth $ 18 billion (14,900 million dollars) million euros), according to data provided by the company itself.

Airbus recorded five cancellations of the A320neo, as well as six cancellations of the A320ceo and others of the A330-800, as well as of the A380 in the first quarter. For its part, Boeing had 26 cancellations within the 737 family and eight in the 787 family.

The US manufacturer delivered 184 new commercial aircraft in the first quarter of the year: 113 of the 737 family, two of the 747, four of the 767, 12 of the 777 and 34 aircraft of the 787, which represent 63 more than its European rival . The US manufacturer plans to deliver between 810 and 815 commercial jets this year.

Airbus formalized the delivery of 95 single-aisle aircraft - two A319ceo, 35 A320ceo, 24 A320neo, 28 A321 and six A321neo, eight A330 family units, 16 A350-900 aircraft, one A350-1000 and one 'superjumbo' A380, which added 121 deliveries in the first quarter.

The European aeronautical consortium estimates that its level of deliveries of commercial aircraft exceeds 800 units and expects an increase in orders for airplanes based on projections of increased air traffic.

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