Published On: Thu, Dec 20th, 2012

DAE is forced again to clarify false information in the media

WILLEMSTAD – Dutch Antilles Express (DAE), since the new management took control, has never maintained credit terms with the Curacao oil company (Curoil). All of DAE’s purchasing of fuel for its aircrafts is done with cash in advance. The monthly cash advance deposit amounts to over 1.3 million dollars monthly. This is new DAE and the new management that has been in control of the company since October 3, 2011 has never purchased any fuel from Curoil on credit and has never asked Curoil for credit. “We pay cash in advance, so the false statement that we had or that our credit was closed at Curoil is not true, whoever leaked that information to the press had done this seeking to damage DAE’s reputation,” according to Nelson Ramiz.

On Tuesday night about 10 pm Curoil’s operation department adviced DAE that it has consumed its cash deposit. DAE’s fuel controller had not taken into consideration some extra flights to Venezuela and Santo Domingo. DAE had consumed the deposit made a few days before. An additional deposit requested to its bank did not show as received by Curoil, since the intention was that it would be available on December 19. At that late hour it was not possible to verify with the finance department of Curoil if the new deposit was received by them. The situation was resolved by asking DAE’s fuel supplier in the U.S. with whom DAE has one million dollar credit line to fuel its flight in Curaçao. It is important to point out that this situation only affected the Miami flight and it was rapidly resolved using DAE’s credit line with another supplier. So again that DAE’s flights were delayed or cancelled due to the suspension of credit from Curoil. “Maybe they confused us with the other carrier that has, in the past, experienced those suspensions. DAE’s credit could not be suspended because we never had any credit term with Curoil, our cash deposit simply ran out,” according to Ramiz.

Nelson Ramiz declared: “I also want to take this opportunity to explain certain delays that DAE is experiencing. Our aircraft registration DAB Fokker 100 has experienced a fuel leak in one of its tanks. The aircraft is safe to fly on a ferry flight but cannot fly on regular passenger operation till its repair. This leak is common on aircrafts and it occurs when the caulking that covers the seams between the aluminum sheets dries out. Sometimes we can perform temporary repair but it is recommended that the repair should be permanently. We will be sending the aircraft to San Antonio, Texas, where one of the three most experienced companies in USA will repair this leak. We have applied and obtained all permits from the CCAA and FAA to ferry the aircraft safe to the repair station in Texas. Once the aircraft gets there the repair can be done in 4 days.  In the mean time DAE has been covering some of its flights with a charter aircraft from Venezuela from the company Estelar. Due to the high season and Estelar’s own technical issues with another of its aircraft, it has not been available every day. On those days that DAE has not been available to secure sub-service from Estelar on some of our flights that should be operated by DAB (the aircraft with the fuel leak), we apologized to our customers. We are trying to solve these delays that are mainly affecting some of our Venezuela and Miami operations. Before Friday we will add another MD to our fleet. This is a new aircraft from our sister company Falcon Air. The aircraft has the registration number N306FA. It is a MD83 that Falcon recently added to its fleet. This MD will help improve our flights to Santo Domingo, Sint Maarten and free one of the other Fokker 100 to cover for the one that is down.”

“Our flights to Aruba and Bonaire are on schedule and they are been operated with our ATR 42 which was recently added to our fleet. The flight to Suriname, we are glad to report that our load factors have improved drastically and DAE is positioning itself as the best alternative for traveling to Suriname.”

“We understand that some people take pride to immediately broadcast any false news regarding Dutch Antilles Express. We appreciate those that seek to inform themselves before becoming an eco of those that wish to damage DAE and harm the future of the more than 300 families that today depend on the company. Those who seek the truth can contact me personally at I will be able to give all the facts. We pride in our efforts for on time performance and excellent service. Sometimes we have to trade on time performance and good service for safety. Safety at DAE is not negotiable and is always ahead of on time and service.

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