Published On: Tue, Aug 20th, 2013

DAE keeps operating regardless all the bad publicity and rumors

DAEWILLEMSTAD – “I am really surprised to see how many Ministers and Politicians line up to hit DAE as it was a Mexican Piñata. Not only do we have to deal with a competitor that feels like they own the island and everybody on it, but we have to deal with government officials that lie and mislead in order to hide their real agenda," accoding to Mr. Nelson Ramiz.

“Some said that it is my fault, that I don't know how  business is done in Curacao. But my answer is always the same. I came here to invest and try to turn around an airline that was badly managed and raped and no one wanted to take it over. In 10 months I brought 7 aircrafts,double the sales to 49 million in 10 months and transported 55% more passengers than the year before. In 2013 we were on our way to more than double those results. I did not came here to mingle in Curacao politics or to make a fan club,” Ramiz said.

“I was given a challenge. I took it and I have done what I said I would do. Would I have done  some things differently? Yes, but I have no regrets and I will continue supporting this company and working for Curacao, regardless of all the trash that some political  figures, that could never fill my shoes or walk my path, said. To those who criticize me and even have the courage to insult me I ask; What have you done for Curacao? How much of your own money have you invested in Curacao? What have you done that is of any significance to provide thousands of jobs and help the economy of your country?  I remind them  that their power is of short duration and it comes with an expiration date. Use the opportunity that the people of Curacao gave you, not to get rich, but to work instead of talking. Build instead of destroy. Be humble and treat everyone well because some day sooner than you know you may be out of a job," Ramiz said.

"Some want to kill DAE to help the other airline survive because they were asked for help (paid help), since the other airline was and still is in trouble. Debts are mounting and internal cracks are showing. It is a simple situation to understand, they could not compete with this new DAE , so they invested in politics. They demanded a price and they got it. They found a corrupt official in the country were the problem is not to find one but how much you are you whiling to pay. They were willing to pay big because there was much to lose. They planned an agenda in both countries and they released their dogs. The hunt has last longer  than they have expected and it may even bite them back. The game is not over yet, we are still flying and we will not give up,” Ramiz concluded.

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