Published On: Fri, Jan 4th, 2013

Extra money required for civil aviation

WILLEMSTAD — Apart from the amount of approx. 3 million guilders in the draft budget 2013, the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CBA) seeks additional financing to reacquire the category 1-status for the civil aviation – according to the General Considerations with the budget for 2013, which the Parliament is to discuss on Monday. On the one hand the additional financing is to come from the ‘Passengers Facility Charge’, which was increased on December 1st and on the other hand from a new tariff system for ‘output’ in the form of service from CBA. “This differentiation of revenues guarantees the independence of CBA and solves one of the most important findings of the American FFA”, according to the commentary with the budget.

On this subject the Advisory Council had requested such commentary in the General Considerations. The Council asked which measures were taken or will be taken as soon as possible to acquire the category 1-status and when this will be realized. According to the Advisory Council, the General Considerations ‘are to motivate why an increase in the revenues on the normal service of CBA’s budget is not expected for the fiscal years 2013 up to and including 2016’.

Technical assistance

At the last meeting of the Council of Ministers of the former Betrian-cabinet, former Minister Dominique Adriaens reported that two ‘technical assistants’ from the Netherlands had arrived last month to assist CBA in acquiring the category 1-status, which process CBA and the ministry were to inventory. The latter had indeed showed that additional financing is necessary for the training of current specialist personnel and advised this financing through the Passengers Facility Charge.

Beginning 2012 the American Aviation Authority FAA degraded the Curaçao Civil Aviation to category 2 following an inquiry which revealed the supervision on the aviation sector was lacking in important areas. The budget mentions that ‘the government intends to decisively act on the findings from the FAA in reacquiring the category 1-status in the near future. This requires considerable efforts and can only be solved with the help of external expertise’. According to Adriaens, a tremendous headway will be made around October 2013.

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