Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2013

Falcon Air establishing a branch in Curaçao

Falcon Air

WILLEMSTAD – Falcon air, owned 100% by Nelson Ramiz is establishing a branch is Curaçao. The branch will hire pilots, flight attendants and mechanics from Curaçao to fly and maintain Falcon’s MD-83 fleet under contract with Dutch Antilles Express (DAE).

“All interested candidates can send me his/her resume at There is no experience necessary for flight attendants. Mechanics must have FAA  A&P licenses and with experience in MD-80 aircrafts. Pilots must be MD-83 type rated,excellent employment benefits and the  reassurance of flying Aircraft certified by the FAA and in a Company that follows all rules and regulation of the FAA and DOT Ramiz declared.

The crew and the mechanic will be trained under Falcon Air program and would be qualified and certified by the FAA of the USA.

“This will be good for Curaçao. We will hire approximately 20 flight attendants,10 mechanics and 8 pilots from here. We will train them under our regulation and we will get them FAA licensed and they will be able to fly  our aircrafts under FAA rules. They will be under supervision and operational control of Falcon’s Director of air operations since we comply with all FAA requirements,” Ramiz explained.

“As we add additional aircrafts to expand our routes to USA and South America, we will be hiring additional staff,” Ramiz said.

“We hope that Curaçao is upgraded to category 1 soon. When that happens we will transfer these aircrafts under Falcon to DAE with the crews and the mechanics and DAE will be able to operate the aircraft themselves. In the meantime Falcon will continue operating the aircrafts under the FAA oversight and expanding DAE’s network to other cities in USA and South America,” Ramiz concluded.


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