Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

Fat American next to you? 250 euros back

fatANDIJK - A couple who complained to travel agency TUI that they had been wedged for a total of 9.5 hours between two very fat Americans have received compensation.

The couple was first offered a flower voucher of 15 euros. But after the ombudsman of the Dutch newspaper Haarlems Dagblad intervened, TUI offered 250 euros in cash.

Marijke Kramer, her husband and daughter traveled on a TUI flight to Curaçao through ‘a complete hell’. “That couple was completely stuck between the chairs and used part of the space where we had to sit. The cabin crew did not interfere with the situation at all.

Eventually, it came to a seat exchange, but eating was not possible for the couple from the Dutch town of Andijk. “I could not even bring a fork to my mouth because that awful big fat man was sitting next to me,” says Marijke in the newspaper. To make matters worse, the fat couple also had twins on their lap. Marijke’s husband had to stand for a while in the aircraft that was filled to capacity. There was no other seat available. For safety reasons, he was not allowed to sit on the stewardess's folding seat.

A TUI spokesperson told the newspaper that these problems would normally be solved during the flight.

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