Published On: Wed, Aug 21st, 2013

First heavy maintenance (C-check) successfully completed by InselAir

Growing new industry requires qualified personnel which will be trained by InselAir

Insel AirWILLEMSTAD - The maintenance team of Curacao’s national carrier, InselAir, completed its first ‘in house’ heavy maintenance (C-Check) in Curacao. By having this kind of expertise in Curacao, a whole new industry has emerged, which has created many job opportunities for young talent with an interest in aviation, maintenance or engineering. InselAir will celebrate this milestone together with a government delegation and many other suppliers, organizations and people that have contributed or have a stake in these developments.

In-house heavy maintenance (C-check)

In order to be able to execute ‘in-house’ heavy maintenance (C-check), InselAir invested heavily this year in the necessary equipment and in educating it’s employees. Furthermore, InselAir has added at least 50 colleagues to its maintenance department, which grew from 80 to 130. Basically, in a C-check, the whole aircraft is being inspected and that takes more than 30.000 of man-hours to complete. No spot in or on the aircraft will be left uninspected and kilometers of wiring are also inspected. Corrosion inspections are also very important during these checks. InselAir already performs minor maintenance checks on its own and other airlines fleet, but is now able to perform heavy maintenance checks as well. Actually, heavy maintenance requests from other regional airlines have already been received by InselAir. These developments naturally lead to an increase in demand for more and highly qualified personnel.

Investing in the future and youth of Curacao

InselAir is making sure that especially young people from Curacao with an interest in aviation, maintenance or engineering will benefit from these developments. This means specifically that, apart from hiring qualified people abroad, InselAir is creating job opportunities within the field of maintenance and engineering for local youth. InselAir already hires and educates young talent by giving them the opportunity to learn ‘on the job’ from qualified people from Curacao and abroad. InselAir is very proud that most of these students have grown into qualified and valuable members of the InselAir family. Between November 2013 and July 2014 InselAir expects to add 7 new aircraft to its existing fleet and this requires even more qualified personnel. This is one of the reasons that InselAir has an initial agreement with Stichting Studiefinanciering Curacao, which means that InselAir offers local students, who successfully complete their studies abroad, a job guarantee upon return to Curacao. Through this way our youth will be contributing to the economic growth of our country Curacao.

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