Published On: Mon, Nov 4th, 2013

Future of Tiara air is hanging by a thread

Tiara airWILLEMSTAD – The future of the Aruban airline Tiara Air, which also operates to Curacao, is hanging by a thread. The company is going through some serious financial problems. One of the problems indicating the financial situation is that the employees have not received their salaries for the month of October yet.

The company is camping with delays and cancellations and the passengers are suffering because of this situation.

From our news partners Notisia360 we understand that the Government of Aruba has called an emergency meeting to discuss the situation of the company and maybe give financial assistance. It is not clear how long the company has been going through these tough financial times. The airline also has problems trying to get dollars out of Venezuela. According to a source, if the airline is able to receive what the Venezuelan state owes them, they would be able to solve their financial problem.

Tiara also leases an aircraft from the Miami based charter company, Falcon Air. Curacao Chronicle spoke with Mr. Nelson Ramiz, owner of Falcon Air. He said Falcon has been helping Tiara.

“Tiara Owes Falcon over $300,000. We have extended credit to help them till they get the money from Venezuela. Even the Minister of Transportation and Tourism of Aruba is trying to expedite the CADIVI money by talking to the Venezuela Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elias Jaua,” Ramiz stated.

When asked if he’s interested in taking over Tiara Air, Mr. Ramiz answered; “I have no interest in taking over Tiara. I am very busy with my project in the Dominican Republic. I will never get involved in any airline project that depends on Venezuela again. Tiara's Business is 80% Venezuela. I don’t need to have an airline in Aruba to fly to Aruba from USA and that is the only thing that makes sense there. I will fly to Aruba from Miami and Tampa. Tiara is only using Falcon because its B737-300 was in C- check at Coppesa and I understand that the aircraft will be ready today and will replace Falcon's aircraft,” Ramiz said.

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