Published On: Fri, May 31st, 2013


CIMG0645WILLEMSTAD – The INAC’s decision with respect to the TEMPORARY SUSPENSION of DAE FLIGHTS is expected today, since the time lapse granted by the administrative law which dictates that on the 8th day after DAE filed its opposition to this “non justifiable” suspension IS DUE.

We are confident that his unjustifiable suspension will be lifted today since the  presumed findings derived from the inspections performed in April 2012 and January 2013 have been all closed LONG TIME AGO, respectively May 2012 and January 2013 and SINCE recently THE CLOSING OF THOSE FINDINGS WERE reconfirmed to INAC by the Curacao Civil Aviation Authority . When  INAC’s action of suspending a CURACAO airline FLIGHTS TO VENEZUELA without consultation with Curacao took place, the two aircrafts referred to in the inspection reports of April 2012 and January 2013 were not in operations but undergoing a scheduled major overhaul in Mexico and as dictated by ICAO 8335 part 6 sub paragraph 3.5, any essential urgent action adopted to an airline operation by a FOREIGN country must be discontinued once the basis for the taking of such action, seizes to exists.

DAE’s position from the beginning has been clear. NONE of the findings on both inspection in April 2012 and January 2013 merit the taking of such a drastic action as is the suspension of a foreign airline operations, in one instance a year later and in another instance five months laterThis clearly manifests that the actions taken by INAC were prompted by other reasons and not by safety. Safety was a lame excuse that by the fact that our other aircraft in operation continues to fly without interruptions to Suriname, Aruba and Bonaire, where it has been inspected by the European safety officer, by the Surinamese and Aruban Civil Aviation Authority and it has been allowed to continue its operations. Our own CCAA has allowed us to continue flying without interruptions. We are only sorry that our authorities in Curacao and the Government has left DAE alone in this battle and has not been outspoken or diligent in the defense of the company, its employees, its passengers and most important, Curacao since this is a blunt violation BY Venezuela towards the bilateral and multilateral agreements and ICAO resolutions, RAMIZ SAID!

DAE has alerted al international airlines flying to Venezuela of this unilateral unjustifiable measure posed by INAC, and they are looking very closely at the developments because it can set a precedent which means it can also happen to them, RAMIZ SAID.

This unjustifiable measure, while it has made some others temporarily rich by charging the highest fare from and to Venezuela and has made a circus around what has been a crisis not only for DAE but for Curacao,  IT has been a loss of revenues to hotels, shops, restaurants, taxis and the whole of Curacao which lost during the last 15 days more than 50% of its capacity in seats between Venezuela and Curacao.

DAE transported last 10 months, 162 thousand passengers to and from Venezuela. This is a 105% growth compared to October 2011.

“To those who are enjoying what the unjustifiable and questionable INAC’s decision has caused, be careful. Monopoly is not good and last only for a little while. Sometimes you don’t even GET TO ENJOY  the money that it cost you to obtain the monopoly,” Nelson Ramiz said. "THE FIGHT CONTINUES ,THIS IS A MATTER OF SURVIVAL AND ECONOMIC INTERESTS."

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