Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2013

Insel Air builds own hangar at Hato. A whole new company will be born in Curacao

WILLEMSTAD – This year already Insel Air will open the doors of its own hangar at the Hato airport of Curacao. This hangar will give Insel Air the possibility to not only do small maintenance under their own management, but also major maintenance, like a C-check, to its aircrafts which are becoming bigger every time with the growth of the airline. Also, other airlines in the region can use the Insel Air facility for the maintenance of their aircrafts.

More airplanes

The hangar which is currently being used by Insel Air is not sufficient for the 11 airplanes owned by Insel Air and used to operate the 40 daily flights to and from its 16 destinations. Soon Insel Air will add 2 MD-80 to its fleet. The new hangar will be equipped with more advanced equipments and apparatus than is the case at the moment. This is how Insel Air can execute all types of fast maintenance, at an expert level and in accordance with rules and requirements.

A completely new company

With the opening of the hangar, the employment oppoertunities will drastically increase. It is anticipated that the current maintenance team which consist of 80 people, will increase with 40 new jobs, to a total of 120 employees. “With our own hangar, a team of dedicated specialists with advanced technical equipments, Insel Air will be the only airline in the region that does small and large maintenance to its all types of aircrafts. This means that we are initiating a completely new company, never seen in Curacao,” according to Ivo Oduber, Chief Maintenance Officer of Insel Air. “Currently our aircrafts have to go somewhere else, to countries like U.S. Costa Rica and Colombia, for major maintenance,” Oduber explained. “But with this next step, this won’t be necessary anymore. Not just us, but other airlines will benefit of the facility to maintain their aircraft in a place in the region. Also, the financial means that we have to spend now for maintenance of our aircrafts will stay in Curacao and this will significantly help the economy.”

Good cooperation

Based on the good relationship that Insel Air has with Curacao Airport Holding (CAH), Insel Air has confidence that the cooperation between CAH will continue to be good in the future. Work on the hangar will begin soon.

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