Published On: Mon, Dec 3rd, 2012

Minister Adriaens: Local Aviation companies can fly more than 4x to Suriname

WILLEMSTAD – Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning, Minister Dominique Adriaens has taken notice of the discussion going on in the media about the legality of DAE’s 7 flights per week to Suriname. On her request, the Curacao Civil Aviation Authorities (CCAA) has consulted with the Directorate for Foreign Relations of the Netherlands and the Directorate of Foreign Relations of Curacao and the local aviation authorities. After these consultations, it was concluded that the two local airlines assigned to the Suriname route, can have more than four regular flights a week to the South American country.

Flights between Curacao and Suriname are regulated in two air traffic treaty; one is a bi-lateral and the other is a multi-lateral treaty. The first treaty is the bi-lateral, the treaty between Curacao and Suriname, the so called TRB 1995, number 117 which was amended as TRB 2012, number 201. The second treaty, the treaty between member states and those associated to the Caribbean Nations, is the so called TRB 2004, number 271.

The bi-lateral treaty which Curacao has with Suriname, indicates that local aviation companies can have a maximum of 8 regular flights per week to Suriname. Seeing that the 2 aviation companies were assigned to fly to Suriname, it was logical to assign 4 flights to each of the companies. This was the reason for all the discussions in the media when one of the airlines announced it will be flying 7 times per week to Suriname.

It is important to indicate that Curacao has become a participant to the multi lateral treaty in 2010. Conform article 13 of this treaty, which has precedence on the bi-lateral, it is possible for local aviation companies to fly to Suriname unlimited. Therefore, this is an option open to the local airlines.

The only additional requisite to get more flights is to formally request this to the Suriname Civil Aviation.

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