Published On: Thu, Oct 11th, 2018

Press Release: CEO InselAir apologizes

insel-air-in-Statia-Sept-2017WILLEMSTAD - On behalf of InselAir International, I would like to extend my personal apology for the inconveniences and frustrations, many of InselAir’s customers experienced as a result of delay and flight cancelations in these past days including today.

In light of today’s competitive airline industry, and in the current state of the economy, our customers may expect the best value for their travel spenditure. InselAir strives to provide this value through a mix of customer safety, on-time performance, professional service with honest and timely communication also when things don’t work out due to weather, technical, crew flight or aircraft limitations, or other reasons causing delays and or cancellations. Customer’s Safety is our priority. The safety and well-being of customers and other persons such as crew is of paramount importance. We want to make travel on us a convenient and trouble-free experience for our passengers.

The management team at InselAir has been actively managing this situation and steering information through the appropriate channels to staff at all levels. I personally have been constantly involved and kept updated on the progress.

It became clear to me that communication within InselAir leaves much room for improvement. We are evaluating and assuring that the process of communication is improved, such, that staff on all levels is fully informed and involved, getting the right information to do their job at best possible, and enabling them to inform our passengers, timely, adequately and transparent.

It is our goal to provide exceptional service on every occasion, and on behalf of InselAir, I am truly sorry we failed to do so on these occasions.

On behalf of the InselAir management team,

Lars de Brabander, President

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