Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2013

The daily challenges of operating an airline at Hato International Airport

WILLEMSTAD – There are many risk in operating an airline business, but for the airlines that calls Curacao International Airport (Hato) their home, there are an unknown challenges every day. To make it easier for the reader to understand I will copy a report made by the Operation Department to the Managing Director of one of the two major airlines in Curacao.

Dear Sir

Tonight the operation was hindered greatly  by the Airport facilities

First of all we were parked at the remote spots 11 + 12 (MAR + MIA)

The transport of passengers by the 2 busses is discontinued at 19.00, only one bus continues up to 22.00. This causing great discomfort to our passengers.

Second  the transit point is a bottleneck, tonight we had the two flights almost simultaneously namely Aruba (AUA), Miami (MIA) and then followed by Dominican Republic (SDQ).

And the bags through the screening apparatus.

The morning operations were a operational challenge with the airport’s conveyor belts inoperative for several hours forcing us and all other airlines to process the outgoing bags by hand. It was a real challenge specially with only one  x-ray machine available to check bags. If we add that out of the five jet ways, two were inoperative. These were the reasons for  the major causes of delays.

All flights in the evening departed with delays of 1 to 2 hours cause by Domino effect from the morning delays and the many challenges of this evening .

All Venezuelan flights were full to capacity. Miami flights were over 95 percent full, the ABC islands over 70 percent and other flights with better than 65 percent capacity.

End of the report

We have only two questions to the Government, the Parliament and to Curacao Airport Partners (CAP).

What Does CAP do with the facility fee they collect from the citizens and tourists that visit Curacao?
If Hato  is a Monopoly given in a concession to be operated by CAP ,Why doesn't  the Government demand from CAP investment in the only Airport of Curacao which is the door to the world? At least We should demand accountability with the public money and Curacao Assets.

We believe that Curacao should not be content with a news paper fix report saying what they do with the money they collect from the Airlines that bring us the tourist and the local passengers that have no other alternative than to use Hato. We must demand them to publish their financial statements and profit and loss results certified by a renown accounting firm and published in all local news papers .

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