Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

Venezuelan Government examines mechanisms to reduce international air travel prices

INACCARACAS – Aeronautical sector companies should record their cost structures to the National Institute of Civil Aviation (INAC), the regulatory body in the aeronautical field, to assess the prices of their services, to begin the process of revising the rates of international air tickets.

In this regard, President of INAC, Francisco Paz Felitas, reported that it has been observed that on some routes the increased value of the international airfare is up to 300% compared to tickets purchased in the months of August and September 2012. "We will find the most efficient way to achieve lower prices."

The INAC is designing a mechanism to set fair prices, similar to that conceived by the administrative ruling regulating airfares of domestic airlines. This measure covers both international airlines and national service providers with overseas routes.

The analysis process will take into account the annual increase in the tax unit, the dollar and fuel, among other variables, to achieve an adjustment in harmony and ensure a high quality service, safe and profitable for the sector, said President of the regulator.

Through the Ministry of Popular Power for Water and Air Transport (MPPTAA), INAC will continue working to provide a better and optimum air service to the Venezuelan people, always concatenated with the legacy of Supreme Commander Hugo Chavez and policies established by the Constitutional President Nicolas Maduro.

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