Published On: Thu, Sep 27th, 2012

19 facts about the Curacao democracy

  1. Many more people have become aware of democratic values.
  2. Democracy in Curaçao is more alive than ever.
  3. Ivar Asjes is not the President of Parliament.
  4. The Parliament Majority counts.
  5. The election will take place on October 19, 2012.
  6. There will be an interim government with a well-defined tasks.
  7. There will be a reliable ministers screening.
  8. Government funds may not be used for the election campaign.
  9. The group which tries to interfere with the democratic process, will be prosecuted and be rejected by the people.
  10. All parties are now who were part of the government, have their hands free to attend to their political campaign, without the headaches associated with the daily rule. Let the reign over to the interim government.
  11. The interim government will sit for at least three months, because after the elections the minister candidates should be screened and then be sworn.
  12. All members of parliament have the opportunity control the interim cabinet, using the powers given in the Constitution.
  13. There will be no political appointments for the time being.
  14.  Measures will be taken to assure us that democracy is never jeopardized.
  15. All political parties may participate in the formation of a new government, if they so wish.
  16. Parties cannot mutually accuse each other of manipulating the elections.
  17. Parties can not mutually accuse each other of manipulation with the screening of ministers.
  18. Netherlands has nothing to do with the democratic process. This is our parliament, our governor and our people who have chosen to clarify the situation for ourselves!
  19. This is probably the last chance for Curaçao to start again!

Alvin Daal

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