Published On: Tue, Jun 6th, 2017

A King

dekker_0On a little island in the Caribbean, there was a King. He was all alone, so I decided to visit him. There was not much else on the island, but a small one-room house, and in that room stood a throne and the King was sitting on his throne. He was a man of modest posture as if he had shrunk over the years and whatever he was wearing appeared to belittle him even more.

An ermine mantle almost swallowed him; its trail was nicely draped around his elevated throne. His Majesty wore a diamond-studded golden crown on his little head, held a two-feet long scepter in his right hand and the Globus Cruciger, a golden orb-apple with a cross and full of precious stones, in his other.

“I command you to come closer and kneel,” the King said when I entered his tiny grand audience hall.

“Yes, Sire, of course, but I am not your subject,” I said.

“All people are my subjects since I am the King. And now, I order you to rise again, and rise you will, as Commander of the Order of Two Mangoes.”

“Oh, Your Majesty, thank you. You are very generous. Are you sure that you want to elevate me to Two Mangoes and not first to One?”

“I have spoken, and my word is the law. Yes, I am a benevolent Ruler, beloved by all my subjects. The Mango is the most imported fruit on my island, and you better consider it a great privilege that amongst all my subjects, I made you a Commander of Two Mangoes.”

“But Sire, you are the only person on this island. Who are your subjects?”

“Everybody is my subject since I am the King, and all will obey my Command. Herewith, I command that the sun will set today at six hours and 12 minutes this evening.

And I command you to witness the event so that you can attest and if necessary testify to my glory as to the absolute loyalty and obedience of all my subjects, even the sun.”

I smiled when I noticed that the King quickly peeked into a big book with sunrise and sunset dates and times. What if he had picked out the wrong time?

“I read your mind,” the King said. “if I command evil and wrong things, subjects will not be obedient. I was trained from my very birth never to command wrong things so that I could rule in perpetuity.”

When, according to protocol, I trod my paces backward, out of the tiny grand audience hall, I could not help but think that being a King on a little island was a very exhausting thing to do.

By Jacob Gelt Dekker
Columnist for Curaçao Chronicle

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