Published On: Thu, Jan 7th, 2016

A letter from a tourist to a local reporter

Police-car-crime-scene-740Dear Mr. Cooper,

Someone on Trip Advisor gave me your information and suggested that I reach out to you.

I have been to your beautiful country twice in past 2 years. My husband and I love snorkeling and have found that your island is one of the best. We have found the people friendly and helpful. My grandmother moved to America from the Netherlands when she was 18 so it's wonderful for me to enjoy some of the foods she used to make, etc.

Unfortunately on our most recent trip (December 6-14), we visited Playa Jeremi to do some snorkeling and our car was broken into and we had a few very valuable items stolen.

We always take precautions and attempt to make it as difficult as possible to steal anything from our vehicle. We never leave things in our car that people can see and hide very important things under the covering that goes over the spare tire. My husband hid his wallet by the spare tire, but my mind was on other things and I left my iphone 6s and Canon Powershot SX50 HS in a beach bag in the trunk instead of hiding them.

I normally don’t even take my phone out of the hotel room, but we had found out that my step-daughter back home was in the hospital halfway through our vacation and I wanted to have my phone with me in case we stopped somewhere with free wifi and I would be able to check in.

We believe we were watched (possibly be 3 teenagers that were riding bikes at an intersection right before turning into the parking lot) and while we were out snorkeling, my camera, phone, and 2 waterproof flashlights were stolen from the trunk of the car. We did file a police report, but I don't ever expect to get my items back.

As a last resort I am reaching out to you so see if you might know what the thieves might have done with the items. I don’t know how things work there. I had the pictures from our last 4 days of vacation on the memory card. The harder thing to have taken was my phone. Not because of the value, but because after it was taken I had it deactivated and everything that was on it was wiped out.

I was still very close with my ex-husband. Sadly, he committed suicide in August and I had the last text messages that he sent me and my daughters, along with many other conversations that we had and pictures of him with our daughters. It broke my heart that I would never see these again.

My husband and I had a very stressful year and we knew it was important to take some time to refresh and recharge, and both of my daughters encouraged me to go.

The theft happened on our last day of vacation, and instead of going home relaxed and refreshed, we went home sad and more stressed than when we left.

I needed to let you know that there is more to this than just the value of the items taken. I don’t know if you can do anything with this information to help me, but I have to do everything that I can.

Kind Regards,"

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