Published On: Mon, Oct 22nd, 2018

About integrity…

The topic of integrity has surfaced more frequently the last few days, among others due to the 'Leading with Integrity – Beyond Self Interest' conference and the 'Harold i Filo Silvano Nos Baranka' integrity award offered yearly to a person in our community. This has made me pause on the following aspects of integrity:

Reflecting on what is being said and research using different sources indicates that a person with integrity's character and competence is reflected in their actions, particularly when this person is not in the presence of others to watch him. He is a person that respects himself and consequently respects others as well. She is a person that holds herself to universal norms and values and thus reflects this continually. To say that this is antiquated is a complete disconnection from our humanity and in the same breath a tear in our integrity as human being!

Taking into account that none of us are perfect, another aspect of integrity is that the person edifies others and is also ready to correct any conscious or unconscious action that leaves a doubt behind or that makes someone else feel offended. It is a person that in most circumstances is conscious of their feeling, thinking, and doing.

In the case this person's actions do not match the criteria mentioned here, it is said that this person lacks integrity. You either have integrity or you do not. It is not a question of you have a little bit or you have a lot of integrity. Doing what is right despite not being seen, is a fundamental aspect of integrity.

Maybe the following question may help illustrate further: If you are faced with new information, which allows you to see that you have been participating in something destructive to humanity, your humanity, without your knowledge, what new choice do you make? Do you align with that which is Divine and say no more, withdrawing your consent? Or do you make a justification for going along with it for personal gain, moving from unconscious consent into conscious consent?

My concern with the latest developments in our community motivates me and as a member of this community I choose to contribute and bringing clarity on any matter or confusion that is relevant from which a healthy development can persevere, otherwise, anyone, becomes and does whatever, and then everything becomes a mess. I choose to stand up and do this, because the world is not dangerous because of the people who are evil. The world is dangerous because of the people that continuously choose to do nothing about it! Evil can also be unsuspecting little deeds that eventually amount to consequences we will regret.

Countries that progress have realized that integrity, transparency and the fight against corruption should be part of the culture of the community, and thus should be inculcated as a fundamental value in the community through schooling. In this way more and more people would be able to discern what integrity is for themselves. If you and I do not stand up for our community, if we do not stand up for our family and friends, if we do not stand up, who will stand up for you or us? And if all that is lost eventually, what is the purpose of life?

By Angelo B. J. Luidens

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