Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

An eye for an eye

An eye for an eye, the principle of Lex Talionis as it is called in Christianity, finds its equivalent in radical Islam in the principle of Qisãs.

It is allowed for Muslims to kill protected ones---children and elderly bystanders---amongst unbelievers, as an act of reciprocity. The argument is that ordinary citizens of Western States are neither innocent nor civilians because they are liable for the actions of their government; therefore civilian deaths are justified under the law of equal measures, Qisãs.  Equal retaliation and the use of human shields, tatarrus, sanction the targeting of civilians.

Here you have it; Qisãs is the legal and theological license of Salafi-Jihadism to kill innocent civilians and bystanders.

Salafi-Jihadists quote western involvement in Palestine, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Somalia, ISIS, and Afghanistan as conflicts of aggression. By equal measurement, radical Islamic lawyers argue, Jihadists are entitled to kill at least 30 million Westerners and unbelievers.

The attack on a mosque in Egypt, North Sinai, last Friday, with at least 305 people killed, has to be seen and understood from that point of view. The Sufi community is considered one of heretics and unbelievers.

A brief summary of recent killings in the Sinai and Egyptian region.

- August 2013: Militants kill at least 25 policemen in the Sinai

- October 2014: A suicide car bombing by a suspected jihadist kills 30 soldiers.

- January 2015: 30 people, mostly soldiers, died in coordinated attacks in the North Sinai.

- Since December 2016, a local Islamic State group has claimed attacks that have killed more than 100 Coptic Christians. - In December 2016, a suicide bomber strikes at a church in Cairo, killing 29 Copts.

- In April 2017, two suicide bombings of churches kill 45.

- In May 2017, IS claims responsibility for shooting dead at least 29 Copts.

ISIS may be eradicated in part of Iraq and Syria for the moment, but the Islamic law still stands, and you may encounter a next door neighbor who gets radicalized and is ready to follow suit by execution!

The diaspora of ISIS warriors, either back, to their countries of origin, like Tunisia, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, or wandering around the world, is like seeding terrorism. Confused policies and strategies of the Allied Western nations have against allowed for a new wave of terror in the near future.

By Jacob Gelt Dekker
Columnist for Curaçao Chronicle

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