Published On: Thu, Jul 10th, 2014

Arthur: The first of a new generation of hurricanes?

hurricane-1Comments on the article from the World Bank:

1) Arthur was not the first of anything much: it was a run-of-the-mill storm, possibly the worst storm to glance the USA since Obama was elected, but just a regular revolving storm, even though they are very rare this century in the eastern Caribbean.  It was the first atlantic named storm in 2014.  So far, since Obama was elected, the mainland USA has had no Category 3 storms or higher.

2) "The world bank stated that rising sea levels... etc":  Sea levels are not rising any more than they have for the last 10000 years.  Any of you noticed a rise ?  NO, I thought not.

3) "rising sea levels caused by global warming".  See #2 about sea levels.  But there is no global warming this century except in the minds and speeches of those serial liars called politicians.  Even the IPCC changed the name of "global warming" to "climate change" because there is none of the former.  If anything the globe is cooling, and is likely to cool further (just my opinion, but call me in 2020).

4) " forcing Caribbean countries to prepare themselves".  It's never happened before, and there is no need now any more than for the last centuries.  But see  16 Caribbean countries common fund".  Yes, your taxes in the "fund".

5) "Oceans whose levels have increased 3.2mm annually for the last 20 years".  There is no evidence of this: see 2) above, just political opinion.

6) " Oceans......levels increased at double the rate of the previous 80 years:  That would make approx 3 inches total in the last one hundred years.  Anyone noticed?  NO, me neither, and I am very old.

7) " what is CERTAIN is the the ones (hurricanes) that do occur will have the greatest impact on the small islands of the Caribbean".  There have been almost  no hurricanes in the eastern Caribbean for several years.  Hurricane frequency is falling.  As the globe cools, there may well be more (hurricanes) in the Caribbean?

8)  "the Caribbean, a region already disproportionately affected by floods and earthquakes".  Not sure what these have to do with the subject, especially earthquakes ?  Seen any floods or earthquakes in your area due to rising sea levels ?  NO, me neither.

9) "It is imperative to develop a regional defense strategy to face this threat".  Anyone have any idea what this means, please advise the world bank, specifying the threat.  They need to know.... urgently.

10) "the (Caribbean) islands are very vulnerable to the effects of climate change"  Shame there is no climate change, just weather as usual.

11) "Experts (ha) agree that the Caribbean will get the worst of it".  So far the "storm cycle" has become muted.  Perhaps we need more warming, since there has been none ?

12)  "But the sea level is undeniably rising"  NO, it's not: but see 2) above.

13)  "countries can take measures to impede the storm".  Please advise how ?

And these world bank people are paid to write this drivel.....with our taxes. Keep safe and warm !

By Harry Gale

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