Published On: Sat, Apr 23rd, 2016

Ben Whiteman’s smoke screen

Arthur DonkerAs I open the newspaper I see “Baby steps in environmental savings” and then, “premier Ben Whiteman is waiting for a concept from a scientific institute that, in collaboration with the Technical University in Twente (Netherlands), are busy developing an installation with which Ethanol can be obtained from carbon monoxide.” That’s what Mister Whiteman said in the Central Commission meeting about the effects of climate change in Curaçao.

I thought should I laugh or should I cry because this man is busy putting up a smoke screen trying to cover up the real problems we have with the Isla, Cru, Boo, PDVSA and now the international negative news regarding the asphalt lake. And that on Earth Day! So we can expect a report one of these days what will disappear in one of the drawers, because as long as we can pretend to do like we are really busy doing something good about it, we can cruise along till September and after that we wouldn’t give a damn.

As a matter of fact this week I received an e mail from Peter van Cosburg of Ecosystems in Alkmaar (Netherland) that for quite some time now is offering a solution for the air pollution problems we have and reacted this way after we explained to him what our government is doing regarding the pollution policy. “It looks very gloomy. Very sad that (still) they don’t intervene in this situation of environmental destruction” The man had a proposal to help with the air pollution problem of the Isla but kept hitting a wall of unwillingness and indifference. It is incredible that we don’t even want to talk to people that want to help us. I think that the reason does not lie in the empty cries of the different political parties like “ We are working for the future of Curaçao” because that is far from reality but in the fact that they do not comprehend the issues and what the consequences are if we continue to go on like this.

In Brazil somebody found a way to make a motorbike run on water, but that would be impossible here since water is more expensive than beer here, I would immediately convert that little brewery we have at Granbeeuw into a filling station. They also make in Brazil Ethanol out of corn on the cob, but that would also be impossible here because we only see those during the Seú parade and there is a big chance that even those are made of plastic. Last night once again it was party time at the Isla, and again I woke up at 4 in the morning to the smell of rotten eggs which was confirmed by night pictures that were taken by a well known photographer clearly showing the giant smoke plumes being spitted out because nobody sees that at night, and our premier dr. Ben Whiteman wants to go on the Ethanol tour. Maybe his next project will be a peanut farm behind his office because his plans for an Okra cup-o-soup for the export landed into the St. Annabay. Sometimes I think the excuses these people invent just to pretend like they are doing a lot of good are funnier than an evening of stand-up comedy at the Comedy Central.

Make no mistake, all those reports, experts and not to forget the so called “consultants” that come and go on a working visits cost lots of money and all they need is a little excuse to go all the way to Indonesia for a three day conference about climate change. I keep laughing on this rock because as long as the man, as a doctor, says that he’ll never close the Isla because his father once worked there and that because of that he could study and become a doctor, then I say, you have to tell that to the families of the 18 people that die prematurely every year and that’s when all respect I might have had for the man disappears like the wings of Icarus in the sun only difference is they know they are killing these people and are guilty as hell.

By Arthur Donker

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