Published On: Sat, Sep 20th, 2014

“Bought and sold by British Gold”

Jacob Gelt DekkerEconomic welfare trumped nationalism, when a democratic vote decided in favor of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Emotions ran high when the Scottish National Party, like a Scottish terrierfocht to troid the bhuachtaint “(fought to win the fight) of Independence.

For years, the beguiling words of Blind Harry’s epic poem, eulogizing “The Actes and Deidis of Schir William Wallace,” (1488), effortlessly rolled off the lips of Wallace’s incarnation, Priomh Mhinister na h-Alba, The Right Honorable, Alex Salmond MSP.

The fast outskirts of the Nordic Scottish archipelago to bitterly embattled borders with Britain, were in dispute, once again, as if the First War of Independence (1305) was fought all over again. But the chivalric romantic rhetoric of William Wallace, alias Salmond, was defeated in a peaceful and bloodless plebiscite, and a humiliated Salmond stepped down, though still claiming victory.

Today, nationalism, the bloody political idealism that dominated the world during the 19th and 20th century, is miniaturized to the Olympic Games and other peripheral international sporting events. Globalization of economies created such interdependence that all barriers to trade and traffic are now only a flicker of melted ice. Cobwebbed minds, still living in the narrow tunnels of isolationism, are overcome with fear for international competition, threats of newly concocted racism and misplaced xenophobia; they form a dying generation.

It was for economic benefit that The Netherlands yielded authority to the Benelux, the Benelux to the EEC, and the EEC to the EU, leaving behind the divisions from thousands of years of bloody battles, infuriated by national pride and religious megalomania.

Autonomy was unambiguously left off the ballot in Scotland; such is the insiders’ information. Supposedly, Scotland already enjoyed an extensive degree of autonomy from Westminster Hall, and was assumed unable to deal with matters like, finance, defense, and international affairs.

Nevertheless, the narrow victory of 55-45% will force Westminster to dole out more decentralized authority to its member states.

May the handout of autonomy not turn into a bail out of economy.

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