Published On: Thu, Feb 14th, 2013

Celebrate carnival, on board the Triumph of Carnival Cruise lines, the company’s party pooper ship

Jacob Gelt DekkerToday, Thursday, 14 February 2013, MS, The Triumph, like a lame duck giant floating tub, steamy hot, smelly and squalid is drifting in the Gulf of Mexico towards a rescue harbor at Mobile, Alabama. The 3,143 passengers and 1.086 crew members had the time of their life. With sewage sloshing in hallways, carpets soaked in urine and barf smeared all over the walls, they camped out, day and night, on balconies and top decks turning the luxury liner into a floating shanty town.

“Starry, starry night…”
Carnival’s special carnival’s trip on the mega cruise ship, Triumph, became a trip to Dante’s inferno, a “hell of a cruise.”

Last Sunday, a fire in the engine rooms broke out and a power failure wiped out all conveniences on the boat. “Although the blaze was contained,” said Carnival Cruises, “it knocked out the power that runs the air conditioners, elevators and toilets in passenger areas and kitchen equipment used to prepare food. The vessel’s freshwater system was knocked down till Monday, when toilets in some areas of the ship were working again. “
The 900-foot, 14-story Triumph was paralyzed within hours and turned from a happy carnival party boat into a true party pooper, a floating shipwreck, heavily heeling over to one side.
Bacchanals and Orgies.

Gerald Cahill, Carnival’s CEO said his company was trying to make passengers as comfortable as possible. All bars were opened, 24 hours a day, and liquor flowed unlimited at no cost to passengers. Maybe this gratuitous gesture was appreciated by some, but it only adding to sickening Bacchanalia and consequent orgies.

Carnival Gran Marche and Ash Wednesday
The ship was 150 miles off the coast of Mexico when it lost power all together. At the mercy of strong wind and currents, the floating hotel with its captive audience, many still dressed in the glitter of flamboyant carnival costumes, drifted capsized 4-5 degrees, first towards Mexico. Hastily, plans were made to tow it into the Mexican port of Progreso, but strong currents pushed the shipwreck 90 miles north back into the Gulf by the time two tugs reached it. Some elderly and sick were airlifted off the boat.

Late Tuesday, Cahill said that the ship had running water and most of its 23 public restrooms and some of the guest cabin bathrooms were working again. At the same time some passengers were able to reach their loved ones by cell phones and reported that toilets were overflowing and that the smell was so powerful it was making people sick. Overnight the ship became a floating Petri dish with rapidly multiplying bacteria from raw sewage, a health hazard beyond one’s wildest imagination.

Most appropriately, on Ash Wednesday, a third tug boats came to the Triumph’s rescue and the three tugs slowly maneuvered the vessel back towards the USA where it is supposed to arrive on Thursday late afternoon or evening.

“Passengers on the ship are not going to have a great deal of recourse when they get home,” said travel expert Jason Clampet of,”travel insurance does not really cover this sort of thing. The trip was not interrupted and passengers are not incurring extra expenses… so they cannot be compensated that way.”

Carnival announced that passengers on the ship would receive a full refund as well as credit towards a future cruise.
May I suggest that Carnival Cruises offers its passengers also an extra excursion to Isola del Giglio at the Tuscan coast, to visit the Triumph’s sister ship, the Costa Concordia that ran aground there last year. Happy sailing!

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