Published On: Thu, May 30th, 2013

Challenges as opportunities

Jacob Gelt DekkerPrime Minister Hodge and his team were call to duty and served as off 1 January 2013. Miraculously, within a few months and without a hitch, the Hodges managed to pass a balanced budget, increase the eligible retirement age for social security and introduce an increase in turn over tax, all highly unpopular measures.

In addition, fires of brewing battles with unions were extinguished, and a national crisis after the assassination of Wiels on 5 May, avoided.

By all measures, Hodge and his cabinet functioned and produced with unexpected results. it was a most productive time for a non-political, task-oriented government.
Unfortunately, the newly gained confidence, peace and stability, the proud motto of their government manifest, were dramatically disturbed by serious incidents during the month May, especially the crime wave that followed the onset of the May, 5th assassination.

In addition and not surprisingly, an implosion of the assassinated leader ‘s PS- party followed, eroding the one vote majority of parliamentary support. An ordinary turf battles and succession of leadership between siblings, and the usual entourage of sycophants, ensued.

Aggrandized necrologies of their deceased leader empowered cobwebbed minds in his wake, consequently cluttering prevailed, and heated emotions narrowed perspectives. The Wiels heritage, whatever it may have been, was squandered within three weeks.
So, what is next.
The island of Curacao is still in need of peace, stability and prosperity. An extension of the Hodge-course is much needed. In this time of economic crisis the island cannot afford costly paralysis of leadership and government. A power vacuum could become disastrous and easily erupt into total chaos.

Fortunately, the island has a large number of highly educated, qualified and experienced technocrats with ample integrity to guide the little nation through the present doldrums and away from an approaching hurricane. Rich sources of ingenuity, entrepreneurship and initiative are available and are only waiting to be tapped and empowered.
With a large multinational population as a nation of new and old immigrants, facing challenges as beckoning opportunities, is the way of life. Let it become our new modus operandi for today, tomorrow and our future.

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