Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

Cicely van der Dijs: “Disappointed in our legal system”

Cicely and GerritDespite the evidence, the reports of professionals, a professor of a renowned university in the Netherlands and a notary of the Supreme Court, three judges convicted Gerrit and I last Friday. Three judges once again determined the future of our children, me and Gerrit and all the country.

Not only are three judges - despite all the evidence put forward by us - willing to leave two small children for no less than nine months without mother and father, they have also proven to determine the direction of the country. Your voice and mine do not count!

We have experienced a lot of sadness, anxiety, insecurity, humiliation, disappointment and personal attacks - including our children. What keeps us going is, first of all, God, in the second place our children, and thirdly, the fact that we are innocent and have a clean conscience.

Very naive and quite optimistic of us to think that there are still judges who are really fair and objective and the courage to make the right decision in our case: acquittal. This after we have been taken through the mud for four years and after it became clear that the Court protects the Public Prosecutor's Office. Gerrit is one of the few politicians who have signaled the Dutch policy against the Curacao people and has expressed himself openly against this.

Instead of opening their mouths and talk, they remain silent, just to eliminate a strong political opponent. It does not matter if a family breaks apart. Moreover, they forget that someday they can experience the same.

All of them have received large amounts of money in one way or another. And many of them have actually given their financer an important function, contract, assignment or political preference. Just do not forget that the world is round and that judgments create a precedent that applies later to everyone. But well, I cannot expect anything from the mediocre politicians who serve other interests, instead of the country of Curaçao.

Injustice is not only reflected in the judicial chain, but it can also be seen, for example, in the right to a house you do not receive, medical care you do not get and opportunities you do not get in your country. It can be seen in discrimination based on faith, color or race. We can all be wronged by injustice.

I sincerely hope that this injustice will never touch anyone and certainly not the people who now enjoy this pain. It's very sad to see how you spread hate, rancidity, partiality, divisions and lies. Sad that you promote decay among a group who thinks it's good to enjoy another's pain. Shame on you!

To the reporters, who call themselves journalists, but in reality, are puppets in the service of others: it is very sad to see how you spread hate, rancidity, partial opinions, divisions and lies. Sad that you promote decay among a group who thinks it's good to enjoy another's pain. Shame on you!

To the journalists who do their work in an objective manner and to inform our community in a responsible way: Pabien (congratulations). Keep it up!

To the people who supported us: Thank you very much. From your prayer and words of support, we get the strength to continue. You have proven that you actually love your country. You must fight, not be afraid. This fight is not one of and for Gerrit Schotte, but one for our country. Even how hard the verdict has been last Friday. We go to bed with a clean conscience and walk with our heads high. Our heart is clean. I keep fighting so that our children are not characterized by injustice.

We continue to fight with the conviction that victory will prevail!

By Cicely van der Dijs

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