Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2014

Could this be the reason? -Netherlands to build twelve Navy patrol for Venezuela-

Holanda-construirá-doce-patrulleros-para-la-Armada-de-VenezuelaI was somewhat disillusioned when I heard that the Netherlands released the former Venezuelan General Hugo Carbajal. He was released even though there was hard evidence against him. The United States wanted him and since there is a strong relation between the U.S. and the Netherlands, everyone thought that he was going to be extradited to the U.S. Well, the rest is history.

Thinking about this sudden change of action on the Netherlands’ side, I remembered something and old political leader and Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles told me a long time ago. He said; “In politics everything happens for a reason.” Well, I think I found the reason for the decision made by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs to release Carvajal.

Reportero24 reports that the Venezuelan Armada will instruct the Dutch group Damen Shipyards to build 12 interception patrol type Damen Interceptor 1102. These will be built in Cuba.

Reportero24 also reports that the Dutch group Damen Shipyards will build 12 patrol boats for the Venezuelan Navy, six Damen Stan Patrol Model 4207 and six Damen Stan Patrol Model 5009, for more than 300 million dollars.

If you read Spanish you can check the article on the website

The Netherlands will never put a contract of that caliber in jeopardy, even if they are U.S.’ best allies. I mean, we are talking about 300 million dollars.

I really hope that Damen Shipyards can get its dollars out of the South American country, but that’s beside the point. This project is important for their economy. The Dutch Prime Minister said on numerous times that his main goal is to attract more economic activity for his country. I don’t think a little general and the U.S. could stand in the way of him and his government to achieve this.

So, once again, my old friend was right. “In politics everything happens for a reason”

By Aldrich Hermelijn for Curacao Chronicle

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