Published On: Mon, Jun 18th, 2018

Curacao becoming less attractive for Venezuelan investors

Van DeldenBesides a large number of Venezuelans leaving their country, because of all the problems we already know about, we should not forget that there is also an important number of professionals and investors looking forward to expanding their horizons and establish their business in a more promising country.

Ironically, the same crisis that is beating our neighbor country and is now (negatively) affecting us in many ways, could also be a tremendous opportunity for the development of our own economy. Unfortunately, there is a lack of vision in our side that is preventing us to go forward.

The slow processing of all kind of documents, bureaucracy, archaic laws and rude behavior of many officials are making our island a less attractive destination for many investors. Many of those already here says it's way easier to invest in other countries, including the U.S. and honestly, I think they are right!

How come we are so efficient to waste opportunities like this?

Foreigner investors are not a threat to this country. It is not a "favor" we are doing to them by allowing them to establish their business here. We need them! We need MANY of them!

Curaçao has great potential, but if we continue taking wrong decisions, the future of our economy looks very dark.

By Angel van Delden

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