Published On: Wed, Jan 1st, 2014

Curacao hundred years refining oil

oil refineryOur Isla Refinery will be 100 years old this year. Thanks to the IGNORANT foresight of the Dutch Royal Family and the stupid idea of Royal Shell Company to build a Refinery in the middle of our beautiful St. Anna Bay! The fact of the matter is that with the Isla Refinery, the Royal Dutch Family gained wealth, builds a reputation and achieved a status in the world.

But Curaçao as a country NEVER benefited entirely from the humongous profits made by Royal Shell and the Royal Dutch Family with the presence of this monster in the middle of our capital Willemstad! Fortunately there are still lots of money to be made in the oil business, especially with Venezuelan heavy crude and Curacao still has a chance! With the world’s largest heavy oil deposits nearby in Venezuela, refining heavy Venezuelan crude is still BIG Business for the next 100 hundred years to come!

Obviously this is the time and the chance for Curacao to really take advantage out of the current Venezuelan economic and geopolitical situation, and their enormous oil reserves! Venezuela right now and for the next 50 years has to refine as much crude oil as possible and produce as much gas as possible, to finance their social program and pay for their enormous foreign debt.

Seen from a durable economic perspective now is the time for our country to make money with the Isla Refinery! It is now or never!! For the future of our children and grandchildren we are duty-bound to upgrade, maintain and exploit our Isla Refinery to the max until the last drop of Venezuelan crude oil is refined!

Therefore we have to act diligently and with the proper strategy to secure the future of our Isla Refinery! At the same time we should seek alternative ways of gainful income! In this regards alternatives such as Greentown, which is a nice idea, are viable! But in 50 years from now, when all oil refining profits has been exhausted!

Considering the possibilities right now, we must be crazy to close the Isla Refinery! If we do so we haven't learned anything from our hundred years in refining crude oil and are reduced to be slaves of our own mental imagination and our own defeatism! I REFUSE TO SUPPORT THAT!!

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