Published On: Fri, Aug 22nd, 2014

Curacao small island, big problems (part 2) U.S. intelligence infiltrates Curacao

DEAMeanwhile the formality to endorse the agreement with USA State Department for the presence of the US Military base, known as FOL (Forward Operation Location) had to be confirmed by the new Government. Since the Netherlands Antilles was dissolved and Curacao became a nation in the Dutch Kingdom. The mission of the Forward Operating Location in Curacao, is defined in a bilateral agreement between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the United States.

Wiels was against the presence of the U.S. military on the island. And he wanted them out of the island. There was no way to convince Wiels to change his mind. According to U.S. intelligence, Wiels was under influence of the Venezuelan Chavista regime. Notwithstanding Wiels’ opposition, Elmer Wilsoe, the then Minister of Justice appointed by Wiels himself, agreed to endorse the mission of the Forward Operating Location in Curacao. Wiels was furious.

Wiels became an enemy of corrupt DEA agents operating from Curacao, when he was interviewed by a Venezuelan news station. “The American presence is not to combat drug trafficking,” Wiels told a Venezuelan broadcast news station. “The American presence is to serve their policy on trafficking, on transit, it is there to say which drug, which cocaine shipment, can enter the United States and which one cannot.”

In June 2012, during the time the Coup d'état was being prepared, the first rumors, that Helmin Wiels was a target for assassination, started to go around. On the day of the Coup (September 29th. 2012) Wiels was recommended not to join he protest at Fort Amsterdam, because he was a target of US snipers. Wiels never went to support his coalition partner Schotte, who refused to abandon the Government headquarters in Fort Amsterdam. Wiels life was saved for the time being.

Wiels knew about covert operation commanded by US intelligence from FOL. In his interview with the Venezuelan news station, he confirmed also that DEA was known to green light the drug trafficking under its own control while suppressing the competition. The drug business is highly profitable for the US (and DEA), which is posed by “unaffiliated” players. Wiels talked openly about corruption in justice, politics and government and the importance of autonomy and independence. To the extended that he started to involucrate the presence of US military personnel in corruptive activities on Curacao.

It is a fact that U.S. agencies treat Curacao, as their own backyard. For DEA corrupt agents, Hollywood-style episodes with bad cops putting drugs into the pockets of innocent people, shooting between drug gangs, rip deals, settlement killings, bribery, political espionage, financing drug deals, etc. are routine practice. U.S. Intelligence agencies are known to bribe government officials, politicians and the police. They also offer lucrative deals to businessmen, helping them in covert operations and strategic actions. Not surprisingly, some Latin American countries, including Wiels’ friends in Venezuela, deported DEA operatives and refused to cooperate with the US agency.

Wiels knew also that the FOL operation is equipped with advanced air and naval surveillance facilities and the electronic equipment capable of intercepting all types of communications. As a result, the island is closely watched, and the existence of “independent” criminal groups in Curacao is absolutely impossible. Seaports, airfields, banking, the real estate sector, administration, and diplomatic missions on Curacao are defenseless against the US monitoring and heavily infiltrated by Washington’s agents. (Ansary Group, owners of Banko di Caribe and Ennia Insurance Co.). The only surviving drug groups and white collar criminals in Curacao are those used by DEA in its strategic games.

F.d.c.G. appeared on DEA list (1999) as being the Drug Lord of Curacao. Operating behind a Shipping Company, F.d.c.G. controlled all drugs traffic between the Caribbean islands and mainland USA and Europe. At one time F.d.c.G. and his partners from Aruba A.M. and E.M. appeared on the “most wanted list” of DEA. However only A.M. and E.M. were detained and prosecuted in the USA. F.d.c.G. came under control of DEA and since then he disappeared from the most wanted list! Nowadays he’s considered to be a respectful and influent businessman! (TO BE CONTINUED)

By Jorge Sulbaran

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