Published On: Mon, Sep 1st, 2014

Curacao small island, big problems (part 5) – The intersection of upper world and underworld

WillemstadRecently the Minister of Justice Nelson Navarro looked very distressed when he said; “Organized Crime has penetrated in all levels of our society. The underworld has penetrated the upper world. They are everywhere, in politics, in government, in parliament, in judicial system and in the court. You don’t know who to trust anymore”. Obviously the Minister of Justice was not lying. But Minister of Justice Navarro didn’t explain which organized crime he was referring to. Obviously he was not referring to Sicilian mafia, as we all know from movies or new age crime syndicates such as “Los Zetas”, “Mungiki”, “Barrio Azteca”, “Mafiya” and “D-Company”. And he also didn’t explain how and why he thinks organized crime penetrated his government. Who brought in organized crime in our society?

As explained in prior deliveries of this publication, U.S. intelligence agencies, like DEA and CIA, as well as their frequent partner in operations, the Pentagon (the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, etc.), carry out covert operations through an elaborate chain of proprietary companies, legitimate businesses (Parman Group - Banko di Caribe, Ennia Insurance-, John Dues’ First International Bank of Curacao). Some of whom might not even realize they are being used at times, (Giro Bank, Veneto Casino, News Media and Curacao Business Association- VBC); front companies and cut-out networks and assets, (Armani Exchange NV; Casablanca Fashion Group Curacao; Adolfo Dominguez Curacao, etc.). It’s all designed to provide the operations with cover and plausible deniability. The goal is to achieve a desired outcome that is very visible, like overthrowing a government, or killing political leaders, deemed unacceptable to hegemonic U.S. and their allies, in this case Dutch Rulers.

Clearly, the cloak-and-dagger/plausible-deniability intrigue that surrounds the question of whether prominent government officials and high ranked public servants are in fact “players” in the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies, covert operations, leaves most folks feeling like they are trying to find their way through a house of mirrors. But since 10.10.10 new players arrived in the Intelligence “Fun House” and since then, more and more players, such as Helmin Wiels and Gerrit Schotte, came forward trying to sort out the maze. Immediately attempts were made to quickly discredit these individuals, often through character assassination or trumped up charges.

It’s a fact that before the October 19, 2012 elections, “players” in the covert operation, invested millions of dollars, in a group known as FAS (Civil Action Foundations) headed by a pseudo activist Ruben Suriel. They started an intensive defamation campaign against Wiels and Schotte. But especially Gerrit Schotte was accused of everything, from cashing bad checks and credit card fraud to being a “lover boy”. They used unscrupulous journalists to spread unproved allegations against Wiels and Schotte, in an obvious attempt to influence the result of the elections.

Notwithstanding the dirty campaign by FAS, both Wiels and Schotte obtained 5 seats each in the 21 seats parliament. The coalition of with PS/MFK/MAN obtained 12 seats and everything seemed like the Wiels/Schotte coalition would be back in power. Then the big turnaround came. After the meeting in Central Bank, Wiels was another person. His politics went from being a Socialist Revolutionary to a Hardline Conservative. To the surprise of everybody, Wiels appeared as the key note speaker, during an end of the year banquet, organized by his worst enemies, the Curacao Business Association-VBC, headed by Joel Goise, one of the main financiers of FAS.

The way seemed clear for, U.S. intelligence agencies to continuing to employ, drug- and arms-smuggling tactics, as means of carrying out covert strategy. Venezuela in hands of the Chavez regime, became a primary target in Latin America. US State Department deployed Plan Colombia, they needed base of operations in or near Venezuela, or at least logic would seem to dictate that conclusion.

That place, ideally, would be a location where the worlds of legitimate business, narco-trafficking and government operations all intersect, to assure cover as well as access to assets and logistical support.

They agreed that the island of Curacao, located just off the northwestern coast of Venezuela and a protectorate within the “Kingdom” of the Netherlands, meets the test to become center of command for covert operations. Its economy is driven by tourism, oil refining, finance, narco-trafficking and money laundering; the island also is home to a Forward Operation Location (FOL), essentially a U.S. military base that also is staffed by personnel from the DEA, the Coast Guard and U.S. Customs. The FOL is charged, in part, with carrying out anti-narcotic surveillance and missions. Curacao’s role as a major staging area for U.S. intelligence operations targeting Venezuela was in place.

Written by Jorge Sulbaran

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