Published On: Wed, Sep 10th, 2014

Curacao small island, big problems (part 8) – Sting operations by intelligence agents

dino-bouterse1As mentioned in our earlier publications. Pueblo Soberano’s leader and senator Helmin Wiels killed the CYPO (Curacao Yard Property Owners) project since 2011. The then Minister of Economic Affairs, Nasser El Hakkim, decided to hold on to the CYPO plans until there was a consensus in the Schotte Government. However, he never had a chance to reach any consensus. The Schotte Government was overthrown in a coup d’état on September 29th. 2012. Insiders now insist that before the October 2012 elections, all of a sudden, government officials under interim Prime Minister Stanley Betrain, began discussing the CYPO project again.

Apparently there was a group of investors interested in a concession to operate a Container Terminal. But nobody else knew about this group, nor any petition to obtain a concession. The Board of directors of CPA (Curacao Port Authorities), the Managing Director of CPA Humberto De Castro, none of them knew anything about the restart of CYPO. Obviously the CYPO plans became a sting operation by corrupt deep cover agents. The proposed group never involved bona fide investors, but members of an international drug cartel.

It is a fact that U.S. agencies treat Curacao, (and Aruba) as their own backyard. For DEA corrupt agents, bribing government officials and politicians was a routine operation. That’s exactly how they set up Dino Bouterse, son of Desi Bouterse, president of Suriname. They let him believe he was dealing with genuine drug traffickers and Hezbollah representatives. However, they were undercover agents.

According to the U.S. authorities in their terrorism indictment on November 9th. 2013, Dino Bouterse had been caught on tape offering his services to alleged members of Hezbollah in return for an initial two million U.S. dollar pay-off, he expected to come from Iran. Prior to indictment, the U.S. said Bouterse shipped 10 kilograms of cocaine from Suriname to the United States and brandished firearms. It turned out later that the purported Hezbollah members he had been meeting were deep cover agents of the U.S. Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA). Bouterse could face up to life in prison if convicted. This will be an enormous blow to the Bouterse regime in Suriname.

All of this coincides with the CYPO Caper happening during the same period of time in Curacao. When corrupt government officials and greedy politicians thought they were meeting with a bona fide group of investors interested in a concession in the Curacao Harbor, it turned out they had been meeting with deep cover agents of the U.S. Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA). On the other hand, when the wealthy and sophisticated world drug dealer thought he was meeting with legitimate investment brokers with direct connections in the Curacao Government, it turned out he had been meeting with corrupt undercover agents.

Undercover agents, presenting themselves as lawyers representing pseudo investors, interested in investing in a new port facility in Curacao Harbor, came up with a lucrative deal including "Finder’s Fee", for decision makers. Very tempting for corrupt officials and greedy politicians. The temptation was almost irresistible. At the same time, corrupt special agents convinced the drug cartel leaders that they had to pay if they wanted the harbor concession. A substantially large amount was paid and landed on special accounts in the U.S.

Several News media on the island, after the slaying of Helmin Wiels, reported the existence of an account in Miami Florida. Apparently Total Bank (former owners of Giro Bank in Curacao) held an account with Helmin Wiels as the beneficiary. However, there’s no official confirmation from local authorities on this matter. Obviously the money trail was expertly wiped out by intelligence agents.

But it was a blatant misrepresentation, both corrupt government officials and greedy politicians, as well as the wealthy drug dealer fell into the sting operation. The corrupt intelligence agents and their allies in Curacao, knew that only one person was going to be blamed if this deal doesn't go through: Helmin Magno Wiels.

Written by Jorge Sulbaran

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